11 Must-Know Facts About Our Keynote Speaker: Derek Blasberg!

Derek Blasberg has quite a few accomplishments under his belt, including regular published works in magazines (such as Harper's Bazaar, where he is editor-at-large), a New York Times' best-selling book, and a popular blog, called Mr. Blasberg, that documents his comings and goings on the fashion scene. (Yes, a blog!) What makes Blasberg interesting is his ability to embrace his personal blog, along with being an editor at a major publication. In a sense, he knows both worlds and how they are ever-changing. Learn more about Blasberg below, and come hear him speak tomorrow at IFB Con!

In April 2010, his first book, “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady”, a collection of humorous essays and illustrations aimed at young women, was certified a New York Times best seller in its second week.

And, even though he is the “classy” expert, he still believes in grabbing chips on the way home from a dinner party if you didn't like the food.

In 2008, Blasberg edited “Influence,” the fashion and art book conceived by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

In September of 2010, Blasberg made New York Magazine's list of “Most Photographed Faces,” coming in at number six.

According to a New York Times article: “In the suburbs of St. Louis, he was a popular student and class salutatorian at Affton High School, and had written on his bedsheets, ‘New York or bust!' He loved to dance and was an excellent water-skier.” Water-skiing, eh?

In his senior year of college at NYU, he was an assistant at Vogue. (Not everyone starts out a star!)

In Montauk, he recently learned how to surf.

Known mostly for writing about fashion, one time he went to the rodeo with Alexa Chung and wrote a hilarious recap of it on his blog.

His first writing gig was as a bio writer for models.

THIS is one of his top ten favorite things.

He has a dachshund named Monster.

[Image credit: Ben Ferrari]


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