IFB’s Fashion Week Success-and-Survival Kit

Here in the states it's Labor Day, when we embrace the fading glow of summer with one last long weekend (and a day off). At IFB though, we're back in the office, working hard to get ready to bring you the (biggest, boldest and best) IFBcon yet, and preparing for another whirlwind season of New York Fashion Week.

As bloggers, our NYFW experience isn't just about seeing and being seen. We're networking, creating content and getting to live and breathe what we write about each day. Our week of shows, presentations, and social dates is just as much about success as it is about survival. Besides a totally kick-ass wardrobe, here's what you need.

Our Success-and-Survival Kit:


Band Aids: We totally advocate for comfortable footwear – but let's be real – this is fashion week! If ever there were an occasion to put your toes through a little torture for the sake of the perfect ensemble – this is it. Whether you're breaking in a new pair of Proenza Schouler chunky heels or suffering through another wear of your most stylish (but most uncomfortable) stilettos, stowing a few little bandages in your bag will save you some pain.

Phone Charger: This week your phone basically becomes your mobile office – from staying up on emails to tweeting and Instagram-ing like crazy – you're going to want to juice up whenever (and wherever) you can. (If you're extra fancy, you can get a phone case that doubles as a charger.)

Lipstick: I'm newly converted to the cult of the bold lip – and can't quite believe I made it this long in the fashion world without fully appreciating the magic a pop bright or rich color of lipstick can add to an everyday look. When you're exhausted, busy and running on nothing but Diet Coke and a dream, a little lipstick provides instant polish and perk.

Caffeine: To those of you that make it through life without caffeine – we salute you. You are heroes, and frankly, we don't know how you do it. From a full day of shows to a night out with visiting guests then back home to finish the day's work left undone – we couldn't do it without our favorite caffeinated beverages to keep us alert.

DSLR: Whether you're going to grab a few runway shots or shoot street style next to Tommy Ton and Bill Cunningham, get blog-worthy shots (or images you could possibly sell to another pub) with your trusty digital SLR camera.

Business Cards: Early in our Bigger, Better, Bolder series we talked about the importance of creating a business card for your blog. Keep them on hand this week – you never know who you'll meet!

A Chic Backpack: Backpacks are sort of the trendy bag-du-jour at the moment, and we're pretty grateful. When you're mobile all day, carrying everything from a big camera to a tablet computer to make up and a maybe even a change of shoes – a girl is bound to get a little weighed down. A bag with even distribution on both sides of your back with room for all the necessities is the perfect way to be stylish and practical.


[Image credit: Nata Pupo / Shutterstock.com]

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