IFB Con Live Coverage: Day 1!

For those of you who couldn't make it to IFB Con this season, we are covering both days live for you right here. Keep checking back for updates on what our amazing speakers have to say about all things fashion blogging!

9:00 am: Opening address from Jennine Jacob

9:30 am: Panel: The Future of Fashion brought to you by ShopStyle

“It's not taboo to be your own brand anymore.” – Scott Lipps

“Have a voice and create something original.” – Mary Alice Stephenson

“Don't be afraid to point things out to brands.” – YM Ousley

“It's all about working together and making connections to help each other as bloggers. You gott support each other.” – Mary Alice Stephenson

9:30 am: Break Out Session with IFB's news editor, Chelsea Burcz: “How to Become  a Better Writer”

How do you create engaging content without asking questions? How do I get my readers to leave quality comments? “Your audience dictates your content. Write about things they want to talk about. It doesn't necessarily need to be controversial, but it does have to be an interesting topic to them. If you write thoughtful articles, you are more likely to get thoughtful comments.” – Chelsea Burcz

11:30 am: Break Out session with Qwiki

“Qwiki makes your videos more engaging, and it eliminates the cost and time often associated with making a video for your  blog.” – Qwiki

11:30 am: Q & A: How To Get a Book Deal with I Spy DIY

“Put the best representation together of what you can do. Show your versatility.” – Jenni Radosevich from I Spy DIY

What were the three main things you did to elevate your blog into a book? “Have an original idea, or find a specific niche… Make sure you nail your pitch, show them this is what I can do… Networking is really a huge thing. When I first started I went to everything and met everyone!” –  Jenni Radosevich from I Spy DIY

Break time! Go get your make up or nails done! And grab some grub!

2:00 pm: Break Out Session – Optimizing Your Blog's SEO with YM Ousley of Signature 9

“Always have your own domain. It gives you a lot more flexibility if you decide to change hosts. You don't lose anything you have built up.” – YM Ousley

“One way to build yourself as an authority site is by building links, by building a history.” – YM Ousley

“SEO isn't about tricks. It's about being relevant… It comes down to the content on the page.” – YM Ousley

“Keywords are not worth the time and effort. What is worth the time and effort is the title of your post and your description.” – YM Ousley

2:00 pm: Panel: Business of Blogging brought to you by Stipple

“I didn't monetize in any way until my fourth year. I worked really hard to make this my career.” – Erin Hiemstra, Apartment 34

“If a brand comes to me with an idea, and it doesn't seem like a good fit, sometimes I reverse pitch to them with an idea that does work better with my content.” – Jessie Artigue, Style & Pepper

“Be strong on your own. That way if you do want to approach an agency, or if they approach you, you can feel confident in what you have built.” – Lindsey Calla, Saucy Glossie

4:00 pm: Break Out Session: Ownership in the Digital Age Brought to you by Stipple

“A bigger audience means a loss of control of your images.” – Stipple

“Stipple inserts your content information within the photo.” – Stipple

4:00 pm: Panel: How to Make Friends and Win Readers

“I think it's important to not be a hater on other people's blogs… If you believe in something and have valid reasons why, you can agree to disagree.” – Samantha Lim, Fashion Indie

“I don't reply to negative comments, it only adds fuel to the fire.” – Gary Pepper Girl

5:30 pm: Keynote Speakers: A Conversation between Coco Rocha and Derek Blasberg

“There was a stigma with the word ‘blogger' at first. But now I love it. Now it makes me feel young!” – Derek Blasberg

“What I love about it [blogging] is that it gave me a whole other outlet… I really enjoy having a blog.” – Derek Blasberg 

“If it's worth me writing, I want to be positive. I want it to be fulfilling.” – Derek Blasberg

“When I have a blog idea I don't bang it out right away, I think about it for a while… I think about quality over quantity.” – Derek Blasberg

On staying ‘classy' in social media: “What you say online is up there, it stays up there.” – Coco Rocha

On the topic of models and social media: “Sometimes when I do a photoshoot I can't talk about it for 3 months!” – Coco Rocha

 “I take offense to the abuse of the English language on social media.” – Derek Blasberg

7:00 pm: The Official #IFBCON After-Party at 60 Thompson brought to you by Monster Products and Stoli.

The rain moved the party indoors, but it was still just as kick ass! PJ Monte spun for guests as they sipped Stoli.

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  1. WorkOfStyle

    Aww I wish I was there! It’s great to get a few inspiring quotes on here though 🙂 have a great afternoon!

  2. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    Ah, I wish I could have gone! I probably would have been so caught up in capturing people’s outfits on my camera, ha.

    • Julia

      And on a more blogging-related note [even though I still care a lot about these chairs, and would give and imaginary cookie to the person who verifies that these chairs are, indeed, by Stark [: ]

      Thanks for the helpful tips! I really wish I was there. There is so much to learn!
      If anyone plans to blog about their #IFBCON experience, please send me links – I’ll be more than happy to read!