Wake Up Round Up: Fashion Week Generated $865 Million For NYC

“Ms. Schmidt, 57, is the wife of Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, whose worth has been estimated at $6.9 billion by Forbes. She has been exerting a quiet but significant influence on the community since 2007, when she founded ReMain Nantucket, a philanthropic organization focused on preserving the quaint downtown here.” [New York Times]

This week Vogue Australia launched their new website with an integrated shopping platform called Miss Vogue, that will include a group of bloggers who contributing regular content. Style Spy is the new platform which hosts ten fashion bloggers, where content from personal style to designer interviews will be featured. [Style Spy]

Fashion Week makes the big bucks for NYC: “Last year, the twice-annual Fashion Week generated $865 million for the city, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and brought in more than 200,000 visitors.” [amny]

Fashion Week related nightmares are a real thing. [Fashionista]

“‘Attitudes seem to be slowly changing, as blogs such as Advanced Style, The Women’s Room, and That’s Not My Age have highlighted the fact that growing older does not mean women lose interest in fashion and style,’ says British trend forecaster Jane Kellock, founder of The Women’s Room.” [FT]

“A new culture rift is emerging in Iraq and, largely, at the seat of one of Shiite Islam's holiest sites as young women doff their shapeless cover ups and men strut around in revealing slacks and edgy haircuts. This has prompted clerics to mobilize the fashion police in the name of protecting the Islamic nation's heritage.” [AP]

“One of the things I’ve learned is that career plans often go awry. Industries change, health problems arise, a baby comes along or other events intervene. I had always planned to become a mental health counselor, but I veered off course years ago and am interning in the field for the first time at age 59.” [New York Times]

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  1. Kholá

    FW numbers don’t surprise me. From hotels to food to the shopping that takes place in that one week. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number climbed higher….even in a down economic time.