IFB Con Live Coverage: Day 2!

Welcome to Day 2 of IFB Con! For those of you who couldn't make it, we're here to give you live updates on all the happenings here, along with quotes from our awesome speakers.

9:00am: Welcome by Founder Jennine Jacob

9:30am: Panel: The New Entrepreneur brought to you by Rakuten Linkshare

“Be open to opportunities, be open to evolving and pay attention to what people are looking for.” – Mister Newton

“Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. Do whatever you want to do. Set your own pace.” – Kendi Everday

“On days you aren't supremely inspired, hit the ground with research and analyzing trends. Stay productive.” – Style Mom

“Just remember how lucky you are to do what you want to do all day.” – Mister Newton

9:30am: Break Out Session: Video Blogging 101 by Hello Style 

“When you blog it's still photography of yourself and it doesn't show too much personality… but blogging is about personality, and video is a great way to show your personality to your readers.”- Karen, Where Did You Get That

“I feel like videos are more relatable.” – Jessica Harlow, YouTube blogger

“Video is a great way to show off your style and personality.” – Lindsey Calla, Saucy Glossie

11:00am: Panel: Journalism vs. Blogging

“Follow your gut. There is nothing more important than that.” –Kim France

“There is room for everyone online, room for every voice” –Purse Blog

Take your time and let your idea take time to develop. You'll get the right feedback” –Style Like U

11:00am Break Out Session: How to Get a Job in Social Media Brought to you by Chromatic Gallerie

“When mapping out a career path, its important to know how much you'll get paid.” – Chromatic Gallerie

“Using LinkdIn is a great source! Someone will always know someone who knows someone.” – Chromatic Gallerie

“A lot of jobs in social media start out as freelance and help people to build an audience through content.” – Chromatic Gallerie

“Bloggers are self starters, you can learn anything online!” – Chromatic Gallerie

12:00pm Mastering Pinterest: Q/A Session with Pinterest and Kate Arends

“Write thoughtful Pinterest descriptions” – Pinterest

We are “working on ways to differentiate spam and affiliate links right now” – Pinterest

12:30 pm: Break Out Session: How To Shop Your Closet by Style For Hire 

“1/3 of your budget should be spent on summer clothes. 2/3 should be spent on winter and autumn wear.” – Style For Hire

1:30 pm: Keynote: Iman interviewed by Peter Davis

“Make yourself irreplaceable and indispensable.” – Iman

“Don't wait for someone to put you in a box and tell you to be this or this… Be who you are, be whatever you want.” – Iman

“We need authenticity, because at the end of the day the people who stay on top are authentic.” – Iman


3:30 pm: Panel: Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging

“I use social media to let my readers know my personality… I keep personal stuff on social media” – Gabi Fresh

“You can criticize a brand but you shouldn't talk sh*t” – Charlotte Cowles, The Cut

[For yesterday's coverage, check out our previous updates!]

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  1. Sheryl Blasnik

    Will there be a video of all the panels offered to the paid attendees? Would love a recap.


    Sheryl Blasnik
    Fashion Development Group