10 Best IFBCON 2012 Moments

To say #IFBCON was a hit would be an understatement.

Between the keynotes and the attendees, the energy on both days was positively electric. Our biggest IFBCON ever, the two-day event was filled with memorable moments but what were our favorites?

1. Iman giving a shout-out to Honey Boo Boo. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that.

2. Eddie Newton from Mister Newton telling the crowd about how he stays inspired, advising them to “Move to a city that's too $$ to live in. You WILL be motivated. Your landlord will motivate you.” Obviously he is talking directly to us.

3. Iman giving credit to Coco Rocha, Karlie Kloss and Jordan Dunn as the new wave of supermodels. Hello new generation of fashion!

4. Susan Cernek moderating the “Journalism vs. Blogging” panel. Street-style star, Glamour magazine editor, AND moderator?! Yes, she can do it all.

5. Karlie from Slutever stating on the “Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging” panel that she is “fueled by the hate comments” her blog receives. Take that energy and just do it, bigger and bolder.

6. Peter Davis, EIC of Scene magazine, telling the crowd that he has never seen such a “sea of chic-sters.” Love it.

7. Enid from Pinterest giving out handy Pinteresting tips to our panels. Affiliate links, spam, you name it, Enid talked all kinds of tips with you guys.

8. Kim France, ex-EIC and Founder of Lucky magazine, telling the crowd “Follow your gut. There is nothing more important than that.” From a lady who has survived it all, she definitely left us inspired.

9. Katie Armour of Matchbook magazine reassuring the crowd that “It is possible to start a business that is self-funded even when you are really young.” Your age doesn't matter, it's more about your skillset and your ambition.

10. Fashion Editor and Best-Selling author Derek Blasberg chatting with Supermodel Coco Rocha about writing, blogging, social media and everything in between. It was funny, sassy and fresh. It was the epitome of a fashion dream, especially since we've been following both of their careers so closely and love seeing them become grow and succeed. Plus, we love Blasberg's book (ps: you should get it).

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  1. Beeswonderland

    Ohhh I wish I was there,looks like fun!Can we see the live stream video,if there is one?