The Benefits of Blogging Locally


By Brookelyn of Best of BKLYN

Hi everyone, I'm Brookelyn, and I blog at Since starting my blog in 2010, I've lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, Newport Beach, California, and presently reside in Charlottesville, Virginia. While all three cities have excellent qualities, and I've loved my time spent in each locale, they aren't exactly fashion capitals.

It's no secret that living in bigger cities seems to be the ideal for fashion bloggers. However, there are plenty of perks of being a blogger not living in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I wanted to share five reasons why it's great to be a blogger everywhere else, too, and share a few tips to help you make the most of your current location!
If you're a fashion blogger living  anywhere other than a fashion capital, you're at an advantage because…
1. You have different backgrounds for outfit posts. I love reading bloggers that live outside of a major city – it's a breath of fresh air to see someone posing in, to be blunt, fresh air. Get outside and show your readers bits and pieces of your town in your posts. I know I love seeing new places through the eyes of a local, and I'm sure others do as well.
2. You can cover different events. Yes, sometimes us non-metropolis dwelling bloggers get a little envious of those that can attend all of the different blogger events that seem to always be held in cities. However, I know I can't be the only person that skims through the 7th recap of the same event in my Google Reader feed. Try interviewing local shop owners, other style bloggers, and stylish locals for your blog. Reach out to your local paper or magazine, and see if you can write a column for the publication from time to time.
3. You can use your blog as an opportunity to get involved in local fashion events and fashion weeks. Before I started Best of Bklyn, I was involved with Phoenix Fashion Week, and if I was still in Phoenix, you can bet I'd love to cover their events on my blog. Check into seeing if your town has a fashion week of their own – I'm sure they'd love to have you blog about their event, either on your blog, or even as a guest poster on their event blog!  Your blog can be the “big fish” in a small pond, and in the process, you can become a local style expert.
4. Being a blog writer is a great way to make friends in your city. I moved across the country last year, and I reached out to another local Charlottesville blogger. We have met up a few times, and it's the perfect way to meet people you share common interests with.
5. Living in major cities is generally a lot more expensive than small towns and suburbs. Less money on rent = more money to spend on shoes!
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22 Responses

  1. Liz N

    love this article.
    I’m from Seattle, which is a city, but not a big one for fashion bloggers (but if you are out there, let me know!), and often have been dreaming of blogging from another one.
    This gave me reason smile at the fact I come from somewhere smaller.

  2. Sarah's Real Life

    So true! (Even for me in Indianapolis, a city but not a fashion capital by any stretch of the imagination). I’d say #5 is the biggest perk 😉

    Sarah’s Real Life (today: pics from my local FNO!)

    • Cynthia

      On #5: But would it be EASY to find certain shoes at a non-big city (sorry, this is coming from a gal who wears a 4 1/2 or 5 in shoes – a rare find in any city outside of Asia!)

  3. S. Medlock

    So true! Even for me outside of Dallas, Texas, I try to focus on local fashions. But it does get hard sometimes. But I keep on with my goal.

  4. Megan

    I totally agree – I live in Aberdeen, Scotland (I am actually English) and I have only been blogging for about 2 months. I write about getting high end fashion in charity and thrift shops, but I’ve already left a mark. I’ve been featured on websites, interviewed local volunteers in charity shops and they always love the ‘publicity’. I don’t blog because I want to be known, I blog because I want to share my passion for a bargain. I like having a smaller more dedicated network of local readers, I feel like I actually make a difference to them, they know the places I write about.

  5. thepumpkinspot

    This is such an amazing article and totally refreshing to read. I just moved from Philly to Cleveland and still in the process of getting my blog where I want it to be. Cleveland is much different than Philly in terms of the urban feel, but there are so many great points about living in a smaller city. Many of the points you mentioned above I plan on doing! Thanks for this article! Can’t wait to share with everyone.

  6. Hilary Walker

    So glad you brought up this topic!! I’ve been struggling with the idea of blogging from a “smaller” city (Dallas… not so small but not the capital that New York is). You so right about everyone of the points you made. Great article!!

  7. Pamela E

    I Live in San Antonio,Tx But we don’t have a lot of bloggers that I know of. But I love how we have so many area to take Photos and then we have the Hill county and there is even more areas there, It’s just sometimes tough because I would Love to meet some bloggers who are from here.

  8. Le Minimalist

    I agree completely.

    I’m out of Nashville – which most people expect to be a bunch of cowboy boot wearing rednecks, but in all reality – Nashville has some of the hottest, on trend style I’ve seen. Not to sound immodest, and maybe I’m biased, but I prefer the local trends, events and leg room to get noticed that I otherwise may not have had if I were blogging from a larger city chalked full of thousands of bloggers just like me.

    Although at times I get the NYC itch (as all fashion bloggers do) but I’ll take my “big-little city” over a “too big city” any day of the week.

  9. SyntheticElegance

    How about people who are absolutely geographically undesirable, blogging from a tiny place outside of the US? That’s pretty much how I feel. I don’t really have anything in common with most of the local bloggers in my country (Israel), and I feel a bit lost in the whole blogging scene.

  10. Maria Losch

    Good reminder that you don’t have to spread yourself thin and be like bloggers in bigger citites. I live in Santa Monica and generally shop, eat, play on the Westside of L.A. (Santa Monica, Venice beach, Malibu, Century City, Bev Hills). My posts are typically centralized around my community. I could dub myself an “L.A. blogger” but that’s even too general for me and I don’t frequent other parts of L.A. that often. Thanks for the article!
    xo, M

  11. Kristian

    I don’t only NOT live in a big city (or a city at all…. or near a city…or have a city within the state), I live in the middle of nowhere. However, one of the biggest perks, in terms of blogging, to living in Wyoming (yes, the state population is smaller than Brooklyn’s population) is the backgrounds. They can add so much, both in terms of pictures and in terms of day to day adventures. Its helped me to appreciate the local sites more.

    Sadly, number four and five don’t seem to apply in my case, but this article is great motivation to find local events, and to reach out to others.

  12. beautyamare

    I agree with you…I just started a blog .It’ nearly a month already. I currently live in Singapore but I am from suburbs of southern Philippines where the view is awesome. As much as city views, suburb views are quite fun. I am excited to visit my hometown and do some pretty photographs… 😀

    Love your post!

  13. Jennifer

    This article is just what I needed to read. I moved from Boston, MA to Fort Wayne, IN last year and have been going back and forth with how to present my take on personal style from a smaller city.

    Thank you!

  14. Bianca

    I live in San Diego, and the fashion here is pretty static. You get some variation here and there but for the most part I feel like fashion in San Diego is exactly what people would imagine a southern California beach city to wear. On the plus side, there is a lot of bright colors and grungy options when you walk through the city.

  15. Dylan Leah

    Living right outside of Providence, Rhode Island I love going out and shopping at the local boutiques and vintage stores. Though Rhode Island sure isn’t New York or even Boston, it has many exciting events like gallery openings and museum exhibitions that I go to and just love. It’s honestly really great to grow up in a city that has so many opportunities without the craziness of places like New York and LA. Plus, there’s a lot more places to take photos like on the water (which is everywhere) or in the park or downtown.