IFB Project #64: Be Origi-nail with Stoli

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If there’s one beauty trend that has absolutely taken the fashion world by storm in the past year – it’s nail art. From intricate designs to clothing-coordinated designer paint jobs on the runway, we’ve been decorating our fingertips with anything but one solid color. A quick browse of Tumblr images tagged “nail art” reveals a goldmine of artistic feats, inspirations, how-tos and absolutely unbelievably detailed designs.

It’s hard to say what exactly sparked this craze, but it shows no sign of fading out, only taking on new, creative and ever-more detailed incarnations.

nail art beauty

nail art beauty

IFB Project #63: Be Origi-nail with Stoli

For this week’s IFB Project, we want to see your best nail art – on you! Whether you get it done professionally do it yourself (major talent), show off your favorite nail style in a post on your blog. Tell us a little about your look and how you did it (maybe even include a DIY).

Entries must be submitted by midnight on Friday, September 21st.

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7 Responses

  1. Jay

    I agree with Miss City Chic. I’ve never been particularly good with painting my nails. I could always get the left one to look fine but the right one has always came out a complete mess!

  2. runwaymonk

    Nail art trends are definitely spreading like forest fire….love seeing those pretty nail art pics

  3. tiffany

    oh that cherry one is just perfect!
    i keep mine minimal, usually colorblocks or stripes.