HTC and Cushnie et Ochs: A Fashion Phone That’s Not Just for Girls

Technology and Fashion collaborations are nothing new. Often times however, when they meet there are floral patterns involved. Not so this collaboration for MADE Fashion Week, Cushnie Et Ochs and HTC partnered to create the special edition HTC One X based off of the Spring 2013 collection. I was invited to moderate a Q&A session with them at the Mandarin Oriental, where I spoke with Carlie Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. Cushnie Et Ochs  typically focuses on sleek lines, black-and-white color palette and effortless chic, and in their present collection combines elements of traditional Filipino dress and minimalism “The collection explores the unique traditional dress and surf culture of Michelle’s Filipino heritage, drawing upon the country’s sharp architectural shapes and casual draped beachwear.” When collaborating with HTC, they wanted to created something that reflected their design sensibility, but also loved the idea of creating something unisex, as you know, guys use mobile phones too.

HTC gave us one of the phones to check out, as a iPhone user, it was great to be able to test out the much rumored high quality of HTC's camera.  I took it out and tested with a few snaps, and was really impressed by the crispness and vivid colors. Here are a few that I took, with no filter or editing:



The video features were great quality, but I had some issues with the orientation (sometimes filming in landscape and it saving in portrait). But generally speaking, it was good quality on the video, and I particularly liked how you can take a still from the video with the press of a button. Great for collecting screenshots.

If you've been on iPhone for a while and are looking for some new bells and whistles, it might be good to check out Android phones. One of the things that kept me on the iPhone for so long were the apps. I've literally had nightmares of being at an event (the Oscars) and not having Instagram on my phone. Nowadays, Instagram is on Android, along with pretty much every other app I use on iPhone.


Photos by Michelle Murphy, and myself.


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3 Responses

  1. Amber Nefertari

    WOW the photos are very crisp and the design of the phone is very clean. I love the black/white color palette is totally reflects Cushnie et Ochs aesthetic. Thanks for this! xo

  2. Look Fabulous For Less

    I’m thinking about a new phone, and as a newbie blogger I have realised how ill equipped my base model samsung is! This camera looks great.

    P.S. L-O-V-E the red shoes! I have a pair just like them but I recently completely annihilated my knee (torn ACL, MCL, bruised bone and damaged cartilage) and as a girl who owns 56 pairs of heels alone, not to mention my 4 pairs of flats, 8 weeks without heels is killing me! Hopefully will be back in heels by end of October

  3. Marta

    This is exactly why I prefer HTC over BB , iPhone or any other smartphone out there. I have my HTC Desire S in a cute blue cover and it never lets me down. The quality of pictures is amazing and that’s very important for me as I can’t drag my DSLR everywhere.