10 Ways to Tank Your Traffic

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Finding the marketing guidelines for increasing your traffic isn't hard with the plethora of available sources (like here, here and here.)

But what about the don'ts of blogging? It's not until you have a mishap that you realize what not to do in blogging. And, sometimes the don'ts of blogging are actually the most important because they are real, they are honest, and most everyone agrees on them. It's a classic, “you live, you learn, you get better scenario.” Avoid these 10 traffic-tanking tips and steer clear of any potential blogging mishaps that many bloggers (us included) have experienced.


Here are the 10 Ways To Tank Your Traffic:

1. Take a long break from posting: We all need to take breaks and vacations, blogging or otherwise. This is a traffic dip that will probably be only temporary, but if you want to avoid losing momentum, line up a guest blogger or two to contribute while you’re offline.

2. Forget to share your posts on social media: We say it again and again but social media is a driving force behind all blog traffic. Twitter and Facebook are two of the biggest sources of traffic and without them, it would be hard to reach our current audience and obtain new readers. You don’t need to be aggressive with your promotions; simply send two to three updates with a brief summary of why your followers should click-through.

3. Drastically change the content of your site without warning: Going from fashion to health would be really dramatic and your readers would be extremely confused, plus a little upset. Give a heads-up to your readers and express how you are trying to expand your niche and test new mediums. Then proceed with your new writing endeavors.

4. Post repeatedly on the same topic: Establishing an editorial calendar and a routine with your posting is good, just don’t let your content get stale. “Fall Fashion” is a hot topic right now, but pick-and-choose how often you post about it.

5. Post at off-peak Internet hours: Even if you create a post that is full of stunning graphics and well-written editorial, if you post it in the dead of night or early Saturday morning, chances are no one will read your post. You should monitor your posts throughout the week to see when you have the highest traffic spikes as well as do basic research to see when the Internet is most engaged.

6. Don’t register your blog with Bloglovin: This is one of those key steps when setting up your blog that seems trivial but can do wonders for your traffic. It’s a one-time set up that’s easy and not only lets others easily keep up with your content, but allows you to do the same.

7. Ignore your analytics: Ignoring how your posts are doing and which platforms are best driving traffic to your site is like driving blindly into the night. Why would you do it? You need direction and guidance to make sure your posts are striking a chord with your readers.

8. Ignore your readers: Your readers give you the only glimpse into whether your content is working or it’s not. Yes, it can be brutal and yes they can be super critical. But that’s only because they consider your blog worth reading and they want to stay on your blog. Don’t ignore their feedback; take it in stride. Chances are, they have a few pointers that you could listen to and implement.

9.  Turn your blog into one big Instagram feed: Readers come to your blog to get content that they can’t get elsewhere so why would you syndicate your Instagram photos into your blog? Posting one or two photos that show glimpses of your life are fine, actually making for more personal content and bridging the relationship between reader and blogger. But the more Instagrams you show, the more likely your readers will hit “Mark All As Read” because they will have already seen your snaps from your Instagram feed.

10. Use your blog as a platform for negativity and hostility: We all have bad days but when your days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and your blog turns into one big rant, you can guarantee that your readers will desert you. Who can blame them, too? If all you are doing is spreading negativity, you should spend less time blogging, more time finding inspiration and support outside of the blogging community.


There are other ways you can tank your blog's traffic but overall, these are tried-and-tested ways to not only distance your community but lose blogging traffic. Avoid them at all costs!


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  1. Jennie

    I totally agree. But I think I would add another major point:
    Be bored and boring! The best way to keep your audience coming back is to have fun and enjoy blogging. You readers can feel it. Sometimes it is better not to post than publish an article without inspiration nor conviction of what you are talking about.

    • danielle

      i post all my stuff at 12PM EST. then i post the social media links between 2 and 6pm. seems like lunch time and the final hours of worst are when most people go blog surfing. just a thought 🙂

    • Linda

      Go into Google Analytics and look at hourly visitors. That will tell you when YOUR visitors are coming. For me it peaks at 4pm, but it might be different for you depending on your audience and whether they read at work, after school, after dinner, etc.

  2. Sherin

    I find a lot of bloggers use song lyrics as a blog post title, and this definitely tanks traffic. It makes it harder for people to come across your site when searching using search engines.

  3. Irina

    It seems like the best time to post is after 1pm on work days – Mon-Thur.
    1-4pm is the peak time interval. Think lunch and people taking their time getting back to work 😉
    If you are US based, consider that if it’s 6am in NY it is right around peak time in Europe, always keep the time difference in mind. I wonder if european traffic patters are different from US though..

    For instagramers – I find that commute time (8-9am and 4-5pm) is a great time to post, especially if you are in a large city with lots of traffic 🙂

    After 5pm there’s usually a drop in visitors. It’s dinner time :))


  4. Okudoh

    I just opened my fashion blog a few days ago.i haven’t got any comments or taffic yet.i wanlt expecting a miracle 2 become an overnight sensation which shld b taken in2 consideration.just enjoy urself & do wot u enjoy on ur blog,like minds with definitely stop by.be chic,be elegant with bcbe

    • Mish

      You should probably learn to type correctly and to use proper grammar before you continue blogging. Just so you know…

  5. Tanvi

    Personally, my audience is about 50-50 in US and India so they are coming to my blog at different times. Even if you schedule your post at a certain hour, make sure you share it on the social media during the “peak” hours for your blog.

    Great Post. I agree with #6 – Bloglovin’ … Cannot tell you how many times I like a blog but they dont have Bloglovin’ and I end up shutting the window.

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  6. Maria V

    Excellent post! I also would add Don’t go to any events and just stay at home blogging 24/7.

    People want to connect with YOU not your site, the more interactions you have on a daily basis, the more readers for your blog. Often, ppl that you met in real life are the most devoted readers of your blog.

    • Nathalie F.

      I’d love to start going to events, but honestly I don’t even know where to begin. How do people find out about the events to begin with? I knew of only two major events this year, and I wasn’t able to go to either of them because of family birthdays.


  7. illy

    I’m a little confused with the ‘Don’t sign up for Bloglovin’. The article says don’t sign up, but then it gives a positive explanation about the site. So which one is it Bloglovin’ yay or nay?

    • The Style Box

      It’s because this article is entitled ’10 ways to tank your traffic’ so one of the ways to lose traffic is by not being on Bloglovin’, therefore you should sign up to Bloglovin’ to increase your traffic and keep people coming back.

      Hope that clears it up for you 🙂


  8. Drew Elizabeth

    Being a newbie to the blogging world but having worked in the social media realm for awhile now-this is all dead on! Thanks for the tips & reminders! 🙂

  9. Katzi

    These are very great posts! I’ve seen a lot of people posting way too much instagram pictures on their blog and so I really don’t like reading them anymore!
    And I think so too, social media is so important for your blog traffic.
    Thanks for these great tips.

    Katzi from http://katzisblog.blogspot.co.at/

  10. Becky Bedbug

    Yet again, IFB forgets that its readers are international.

    The dead of night in one country might be peak hours in another. Most of my readers are American, so I tend to post about 11pm since it’s their early evening.

    • Amanda Boyce

      Hi Becky, each blog has a different readership and that may or may not include an international audience. If a blogger has an international readership, then yes they should pay attention to international times. However, some blogs don’t have that global audience. Thanks for your feedback!

  11. Marianne Krohn

    The part about Instagram is so true! I’ve started skipping every post on bloglovin’ entitled Instagram or showing a picture of this kind.

  12. I'esha Hornes

    I totally agree with all of these tips. They’re excellent examples of how to ruin your momentum. The first example personally affected me recently, because I took a huge break from blogging while I was pregnant. I was on bedrest so I lost enthusiasm. Now that I’m blogging again, I see things picking back up, though.

  13. Sneha

    Hi, nice u mentioned very important points thank u so much I’ve using the blogger from 2008 but no satisfied traffic till now 🙁 getting lasted in those blogs
    by the way thank you 🙂

  14. Zamri A.

    Most of the times bloggers are too scared, too afraid of losing traffic. But, to me the most important part of blogging is actually – blog for yourself. Blog for the sake of your passion, not just for others. If you’re passionate in what you’re doing, you believe in what you’re doing, you love what you’re writing, then people will come along and like what you’re doing too. Simple as that. It drives you off pressure to ‘please’ people, it also drive off your ‘stress’ too. Blogging should be fun!

  15. Kelly Sowell

    Wow! Lucky me for coming saving this website as I bookmark. I was going through my bookmark manager and clicked on this site I saved and clicked on the tag cloud under tools and here I am. This is the best traffic post/comment’s I think I have ever seen/heard/read. Thank you so much!!! http://www.kellyspeechless.wordpress.com (kellyspeechless.com coming soon)

    Thanks again,
    and that goes to the people who commented as well as the author of this post.

    Kelly Sowell.

  16. Angelina

    First of all, I suggest you can simbut to any free directory you can find. I usually type into Google something like Add url to multiple search directories and get a ton of pages that will add your link to chunks of search engines at the same time. The reality here is that you want to be found in as many places as possible.Then when it comes to placing into good directories, pick and choose those relevant to your content. Being that you have a movie news and joke site, try finding advertising space on popular movie cinema sites like cinemaclock.com, the site for famous players, maybe some other smaller less known movie theaters, or even see if you can land a spot in a movie and entertainment magazine. On the flip side, you could also put advertisements and into joke directories, comedy clubs etc. As long as it is relevant to your content and looks professional, you shouldn’t get too many people saying you are spamming. Do it with style and taste then be patient. It takes awhile to build up traffic and a loyal customer base.Hope these tips help!

  17. Sarah

    Great post. Negativity is something I do not like to see on a blog. I try my hardest not to write about the bad things that have happened as I do not believe that is something my readers would want to know about. The occassional tweet is for that.

    I do really like bloggers weekly Instgram photos tho as not everyone follows on twitter or even has Instagram.

    Sarah x

  18. Susann

    Great post and very useful information. One tip I have is to make it easy for readers to connect with you. Have your social media buttons where they can find them and also make it easy for them to comment on your blog. Some blogs on here have huge images, I would like to say something but cant find the comment button and because I am a busy little blogger I leave and go and find something else to look at. Just a thought !

  19. Orko R Khan

    Ohhh very nice and effective tips i have ever read,, that will absolutely help me a lot to built my traffic in a mining full way.
    Thanks to the blogger…..

  20. Noha Sankari

    Wow! Loved reading this! I was confused at the irony in the titles and the actual description but then it clicked to me and I was like “oh, ahaha”.
    Definitely some important tips I will consider from now and on. Thank you. 😀


  21. Heather

    Very useful points! Personally I get most of my traffic through google and other search engines. Social media hasn’t helped my blog traffic very much though I do use twitter and Facebook to promote my blog. I think the part about scheduling blog posts to be published at the right time is interesting. Most of my readers are in the US, but I have a fair amount in Europe and Australia as well. I never thought to look at google analytical for timing but I think I will. Personally I notice my blog usually gets more hits early in the week and is quiet on the weekends, but there are exceptions to the rule for sure.

  22. Maggie

    I agree about not turning your blog into a big instagram feed, but I have to admit that sometimes I have very little time to read through all the blogs in my reader. So sometimes an all photo post is really enjoyed and appreciated.

  23. aisha

    Hi. great stuff thanx a million. but at 6. “DON’T” register your blog with Bloglovin? or “DO”…. I’m not sure if you meant do/don’t? sounds like a good idea though

  24. Tasha

    Great Post! I am still learning the peak hours in social media. Also coming up with content my readers can relate to and still be true to me as a brand.

  25. Miss City Chic

    i totally agree with the instagram comment! i hate going to blogs and seeing all posts of instagram photos! great post 🙂

  26. stevie mac

    All highly relevant pointers. Though I would add that blogging every day for its own sake isn’t too wise. Prepare your posts carefully and make them worth reading. Always look for a hook in your post title and try and have something unique [not easy I know] about the information you are imparting. Carefully chosen phrases like ‘ the secret to’ or ‘top 5 tips to’ etc can work as long as it’s actually worth reading about!

  27. Stephanie

    Great tips! I stopped blogging for a while to focus on something I had to take care of and noticed my traffic dropped like crazy! Now I’m blogging as a job and I’m slowly trying to build my readers back up – takes time!


  28. Style Vulture

    All great tips! Especially for instagram. I think it’s great when people do roundups of their favorite instagram pics they took that week, or one every once in a while to illustrate a point, but not when it’s all of them. 🙂