How To Make Your Blog’s Design Shine


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The design of your blog can have much to do with how people perceive your style and voice, and it can most definitely affect how your audience thinks of you. In a nutshell, your design is an extension of you.

Keep it simple.

Basically, you want your pages to be easy to access, with as few of distractions as possible. Aim to strip away anything that does not have an essential function. Think how you want to portray yourself in it's purest state. If something is essential but makes the overall design look cluttered, get creative with how to show it off. You want your site to be easy to use, not headache inducing.

Keep it timeless.

Avoid fads or trends in web design, what may be contemporary today may be outdated tomorrow. On the other hand, going too classic can be boring. Work towards finding that happy medium that is appealing today, but won't be an eyesore for future audiences.

Keep it useful.

Assembly is key. Don't get too fussy with ornamentation, however you should be paying attention to every detail. The more “minimal” the design, the easier it is for an audience to spot flaws, such as bad typography or composition. Your blog should also be inherent, not something you have to read a manual to use.

Lay the groundwork.

Before you even begin designing, lay out all the things that are essential to your site. Then, like a puzzle, piece them together in a clean and singular design. This will help in making it look like it was easy (even if it took you many long hours of work!). Simple design isn't simple.

Use your favorite sites to your advantage.

Pick out what you love about sites you frequent, then try to think how these bits and pieces could work for your image. Of course, you don’t want to lift someone else’s site, however these exceptional designs can be a source of inspiration.

Good design is the best combination of useful and beautiful, since both thee factors can effect the well being of the user. The happier the user of your site is, the more likely they are to come back.

What are some of your favorite blog designs?

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16 Responses

  1. Rachelle Porsenna

    That’s something I’m constantly working on, I always feel like mine is missing something. I do love a simple and clean layout, but I need to add this little touch of something to make it me ugh.

  2. Look Fabulous For Less

    I have changed my free Blog theme on WordPress 3 times before settling on one. The first: too bland. The second: All the widgets at the bottom, and not everyone gets to the bottom of a blog post. The third: perfect – widgets at the side, pretty without fuss. It’s important to get your blog layout to work for you. I am currently working on getting my menu’s and catagories tidied up and efficient. It’s great that wordpress is so easy to use and tweek.

  3. OS-Fashion dot Com

    I just launched our new platform, and as a part of it…we are launching an “Online Magazine” – essentially a blog. The initial design is up, and I’m obsessing over how to make it clean w/ minimal distraction as per this articles suggestion. Definitely not as easy as it seems. I love Angela Gilltraps new online magazine – super clean, and to the point.

    I’m working hard to get the mag portion of my site to my liking. Anyone have a nice WP Widget that is nice and clean for a sidebar? Any thoughts on my initial setup would be appreciated:


  4. Lauren

    My blog design is something I’m constantly working on. I see something I like and then google and read until I figure out the html. I think even if you have excellent content, if your blog design is cheesy or difficult to navigate, no one will stick around long enough to read. That goes for websites other than blogs too. If I ever look up a certain company and they have a poorly designed website, they somehow seem less competent.

  5. Miss City Chic

    thank you so much for the tips! blog design really plays a key role in a successful blog. ive been working on perfecting my blog design so these tips really come in handy!
    Miss City Chic

  6. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    In my opinion blog design is something that most bloggers struggle with. It’s also why I prefer to view some blogs in Google reader then at the hosted site. It’s just easier to navigate! But I do admit that when a blog has a great design, it makes me come back for more.

  7. Ambi

    Changed my blog design about 6 times before going live – now couldn’t be happier with it 🙂

    Bombay Rose: A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.

  8. Maya B

    I quite like mine how it is for now but I know I could do way better haha. I just never got around to getting exactly how I wanted when I started and right now I’m more focused on blog content than the blog design. Dunno if it could attract more followers though when I make it better? (any opinions about the current design are more than welcome:

  9. Taylor D

    i think blog layouts are so important. One of the biggest things for me when choosing what blogs i follow is the layout. If it’s tacky or badly done, chances are their blog won’t be that great either.