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Last night, we hosted a “Make Graphic Design Shine” Twitter Chat with Stoli and Sarah from Note to Self and spent an hour chatting about a blog's most important design elements, what is best in graphic design (simple or fancy designs) and more. If you weren't able to catch the chat, don't worry. We've got the five best tweets of the night from Graphic Design expert Sarah who imparted some very insightful tips for you.

Top Tweets from our “Make Your Design Shine” Chat:





Many thanks to Sarah and Stoli for joining in our design chat. And of course you! You guys came out with interesting questions and hopefully walked away with a better sense of what works on your blog.

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  1. Kristen

    Thanks for this post. I recently simplified my blog layout quite a bit and find that it makes my page easier to view and operate. I do still need to work on the consistency throughout my pages though.

    Thanks for hosting this chat. It is really really helpful.