Where to Get Beautiful Themes for Blogger

Finding the perfect theme for your blog can be easier said than done. You've put in a lot of time into thinking of the perfect blog name, your content is amazing. You want your graphic design to shine, but it seems that everyone on your platform is using the same theme. I was talking with someone about the themes available on Blogger, compared to Tumblr and WordPress, and the selection of quality designed themes are not as broad, especially looking for themes that would be appealing to fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

Blog Milk, is a blog design concept started by Ana Degenaar. Her vision was to create beautiful, limited edition themes that could be easily installed on Blogger. Each theme will only be sold 15 times, so only a small pool of bloggers will have the same look and feel to your blog. She offer installation services, and there is some support available, so if you're not tech savvy, this could be a lot easier than scouring the forums of a blog theme website.

Each theme will only be sold 15 times, so only a small pool of bloggers will have the same look and feel to your blog.

Most of all, the designs are clean, beautiful, and customizable. They already have the look and feel that could work with a fashion blog, so there won't be too much customizing involved. The themes run about $59-$69 which is the going rate for premium themes, and usually well worth the money, since it also comes with support.

Here are a few of my favorites from this season's Blog Milk collection:

Folio Theme

The Folio Theme is clean modern and has a fixed side bar, which is particularly good if you have a lot of images in your posts.

Papier Theme

Papier Theme has three columns and rounded corners for a more unique look.


Neon Theme

The Neon Theme is one of my favorites with nice color accents and modern typography.

How do you make your blog's design stand out? Do you purchase themes, or give custom design a try? Do tell!

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19 Responses

  1. Laure W

    I have always been into graphic design and computer coding, so I like to use those skills to customize my blog. Custom design is always the best and can make your blog so unique, but takes a lot of time, talent, and knowledge to master! These themes are all gorgeous! I think tweaking premade themes is also a great idea.

    xx Lauren

  2. rita

    i have the blogmilk neon theme and i love it! i get lots of compliments on it too! ana was great to work with.

  3. That Fashion Chick

    I customized my blog with my special touch! Beats shedding extra cash when you can just get creative and possibly upgrade later lol 😀

  4. Rachelle Porsenna

    I would have love to purchased a nice theme but I just can’t put money towards that right now. So on wordpress I used the twentyten theme and did a few tweaking to it to jazz it up. I’ve changed the width, the background, added widgets and created my own social icons. Now I’m almost happy with it I have one more tweak to do.

  5. Linda

    I use Tumblr, and it offers members a variety of free (and premium) themes that are visually clean and quite beautiful. I chose to host my blog on Tumblr over Blogger for that reason.

    A simple theme is easy to customize to your personality. I use a basic two-column theme, but I create my own artwork/buttons and modified some colors/text/width from the original template.

    I highly recommend learning HTML and basic CSS as a blogger. If you really want an original look, it helps to know the language behind a website, blog, and even the cool little widgets!

  6. Sandra

    I’ve been a fan of Blog Milk’s templates for a very long time! They are super clean and beautiful themes. It’s great being able to buy a template to cut out the hours of html and css you would have to do or learn, but it is a useful tool to know so you can customize the template even further. Even if you buy a template, try to add a bit if your own style to the look of your blog so your blog doesn’t look the same as the other 15 bloggers who bought the same theme.

  7. That Fashion Dude

    Within the last six months, I’ve relaunched my blog with a new name and look. Switched over to WordPress, too! I bought a premium theme that wasn’t working out and ended up finding a free theme that fit what I was looking for…for the most part! Ideally, I’d love to have a completely customized site but that costs money and I’m still working on things. However, I think it’s visually the best it’s ever been thus far so that’s a plus! 🙂

  8. Miloveda

    I love that you guys posted this, I’ve been looking to get my blog redesign but I can’t spend $150-200 on a blog design so it’s nice to know that there are nice template for less but I’m now taking a HTML class so I hope that help me in the new design, thank you for this post.

  9. My

    I recently (like, in the last week) just upgraded my look to one of Blog Milk’s templates and it has been quite lovely. Ana made the transition smooth, creative, and professional! She seemed to have this ESP sense about her before I even mentioned what I wanted to change from my layout as she already can tell what was (or, wasnt) going to work for me. Her prices and policies are very clear so you know what to expect from her.

    Granted, if you can do your own layout, more power to you! However, I know Im being biased but I would highly recommend her to anyone! Now I just hope my content can match the caliber of new layout. 🙂

  10. Design Thrift

    i used a free layout from puglypixel, i think it was the lemon merengue layout. i tweaked it a bit after i installed it but i really like it. it’s clean, allows me to have big photos and is organized well. http://designthrift.blogspot.com
    i think the link to get the free layout is at the bottom of my blog if anyone is interested.