IFB Project #65: Share Your Favorite Emmy Awards Look

What we call “Awards Season” is still months away, but there's one celebration that comes this time of year, at that's the Emmy Awards. From comedy to drama, mini-series and made-for-TV movies, the awards cover the best in American television. While the buzz and red carpet anticipation may not burn quite as hot as that of The Academy Awards, but we still tune in each year to see the inevitable hits and misses. This year's Awards are tomorrow, Sunday September 23rd – and we'll be all eyes! Will you?

IFB Project #65: Share Your Favorite Emmy Awards Look

Create a post that showcases your favorite Emmy Awards red carpet look. You can pull a look from the past or wait until after Sunday's telecast and select one of your favorites then. Tell us why you like the look – is it the dress (or the tuxedo), the hair, the jewelry… We want to know what makes a great red carpet look to you. Share your post below by the morning of Wednesday September 26th!


[Image credit: FabSugar]

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  1. WorkOfStyle

    Haha good project – this is one I was gonna do anyway 😉 I really can’t wait because there always is the BEST fashion at the Emmy’s! I’m looking forward to seeing Nina Dobrev’s outfit because she was the best dressed the past two years!!