8 Facebook Accounts We’re Currently Obsessed With

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Though larger brands and retailers have a much bigger, more commerce-driven task when it comes to Facebook marketing, there are a lot of features and techniques that brands use that can apply to your site. Below, we picked just a small sampling of some of our favorite “likes” on Facebook, who combine imagery, story-telling and well-branded continuity to make their marketing both successful and engaging.


8 Facebook Accounts We're Currently Obsessed With:

Bergdorfs: 168,278 Likes

We love the  “What was Linda wearing” series, their fragrance and beauty exclusives, campaign and party images as well as fashion week and designer features from the store.

Jet Blue: 639,790 Likes

Even though this company is far from the fashion world, we think Jet Blue does a great job with their branding and content. They use fan photos to update their Timeline cover; and promote their products with photos from the places their flights go. Not to mention they have an album dedicated to the crew's “pet jetters.” (Yep, animal photos.)

Nasty Gal 493,982 Likes

Nasty Gal's page is playful and quirky, just like their clothes and their web site. It's product driven without being to sales-y, and they share their new arrivals the minute they go on sale. With occasional blogger features, and clean, colorful photos – this is a great “like” for fashion bloggers.

Paige Denim: 46,480 Likes

Paige Denim's Facebook page is all about their unique features; from bloggers who are “On The Same Paige” to their “jeaneology” feature that talks about hte history of denim, we love the story-telling the of their brand through photos.

Converse: 33,079,797 Likes

This old school sneaker brand combines music, product, and a bit of a sporty edge, with tons of Instagram photos and engaging contests.

Essie: 626,171 Likes

This nail polish brand keeps their timeline colorful, feminine and well-branded. They keep a steady flow of manicure photos, inspiring quotes and new products, as well as fun polls and behind-the-scenes fashion week content.

The Ellen Degeneres Show: 8,209,310 Likes

Ellen's timeline is all about fun. Period. From #classicjoketuesday to cat pictures, hilarious quotes from guests and links to highlighted clips from the shows, they keep it quick light and fun – just what you want from a comedian / daytime television genius' page.

Ben & Jerry's: 4,415,191 Likes

Beyond their new flavor announcements and fan photos of the day, Ben & Jerry's also shares information that's close to their brand but not necessarily about them – from political causes to music festivals and charities.


What are some of your favorite brands on Facebook?

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10 Responses

  1. Lina

    Love Nasty Gal’s.

    This post is so true– FB pages are useless if brands don’t make it interactive and unique!

  2. Erika

    Solestruck.com also has an excellent FB page. Always makes me want to buy something or excited for upcoming styles.