How Much Should You Invest In Social Media Over Blog Content?

As social media makes more advancements (and plays a larger role in our daily lives), the way we as a society use it is bound to evolve. Take the current predicament of Facebook: Once at the forefront of innovation in social media, the digital platform is now losing it's most devoted users in droves, according to a recent report published on Business Insider.

Apparently young people are not deeming Facebook worthy of their time anymore, and instead choose to share their personal lives through other platforms — the most competitive being Instagram. Young people tend to be a leading indicator of what a mass market of consumers will do in the future, making this  transition an ominous forecast for Facebook.

Social Media vs Blog Content

While it's been said over and over again that social media platforms are essential to promoting a blog's content, it seems that as we are bombarded with more possible platforms to share on, more time is spent updating each channel — whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, so on and so forth. For some bloggers, this begins to take away from time spent on the actual content posted.

As the report above shows, it may be possible that some of these social media platforms that are popular today may dissolve in the future — so the question arises: Is it worth spending more time on social media than on your actual content?

It's a tricky question to answer. On the one hand, your blog's content should be at forefront of your concerns, since without quality content you would have nothing to promote on social media in the first place. On the other hand, many bloggers have adopted their social media as a way to maintain their blog's personality and voice 0n a daily basis. Both can be deemed incredibly important.

What it may come down to, however, is testing out which social media platforms work best for you and your blog and amplifying your presence there — rather than “dipping your toe” into a slew of them at once. For instance, if your readers (and you) really respond to Pinterest and it helps boost your traffic, but Twitter doesn't translate your “voice” well, than it may be a better just to focus on what works, rather than trying to force what doesn't.

Furthermore, the other thing to remember is to not be close minded about certain platforms. For example, maybe it's time you tried out Google+ or Tumblr? You can't know what will resonate with your audience unless you try it.

What do you think about the time you invest in social media versus your blog's content? Do you have trouble balancing it all? What is more valuable for you?

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  1. Brittany Landers

    It is difficult knowing how much time to spend on various social media platforms, as well as whether or not your efforts are even worth it. I’m constantly on Twitter trying to spread the word about my blog while also posting articles/thoughts that relate to my brand. I also have a Facebook page, but find that it’s hard to link Facebook fans to the actual blog. They’d rather just look at it on FB and not externally. Pinterest is also big for bloggers, as they can link their looks directly to their page.


  2. Urban Jungle Fashion

    First of all… the picture of the model used is GOR-GE-OUS! *POW!* Second, I feel that there are sooooo many platforms to promote your work that it, to me, can take away from your blog and more importantly your time… Instagram, Tumblr, FB, ect. For me… I honestly don’t care if I have 1 view or 1000 views a day. I do my blog for me for for anyone else. If people love my content they come back, and they have. Would I love to reach a wider audience, of course, but I don’t have time for everything else in the world. I work full time, have a photography business, AND have a social life outside of the iternetz. Lets all be honest… when people look at your content, they are look for individuality… someone they can relate. If you can translate then I feel you are good.

    Love Ladies,

  3. Maya

    I think the most important thing to consider is what your goals are as a blogger.

    I’m active on social media in order to expand my reach, form a more personal voice, and extend my blog aesthetic. The most important thing about blogging, for me, is the enjoyment I get out of producing original content. My blog is a body of work that showcases my personal fashion journalism.

    In my case, I use social media because it’s there if I need it or want it – sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

    A lot of bloggers use so many platforms because they feel pressured to. And they want to get the attention of others on these sites.
    Bloggers who put blog content first can benefit from social media but should never give into the “obligation” to regularly update their different media.

  4. Molen

    If you have good content and have time for social media could be great for your blog. I try to do half and half

  5. Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    Yes, and thank you!
    In the past year, I’ve felt more and more disconnected with many social media platforms as I see them used only as means to drive more traffic to a blog. But then, what are we sharing? A post a few days old. Nothing new. The conversation has gone in lieu of self-promotion.

    As a result, I’ve been scaling back on social media, or trying to focus my attentions in better ways (ex: Facebook drives more traffic and engagement for me than Twitter, even though I used to prefer the platform of Twitter more).

    And as for social media over blog content? For too long I put the former above the latter… and I’ve realized how much joy and energy it’s sucked out of me! I’d rather spend that time trying to write real posts (where I have the most fun) than promoting it with no outcome.

  6. Jane

    I think if you are a good Twitterer and a good Pinner, people will follow you to your blog organically. If you are a good blogger, it is an added bonus if you are a good twitterer or Pinner.

    The biggest turn off for me is when people use one platform to promote on another platform. Constantly seeing tweets about new posts or new pins is super annoying and not what the platform was designed for I don’t think. There are a lot of bloggers I love who don’t use any other social media, and I still think they’re great. If they did, it would be a bonus, but I’m glad they’re not using twitter at all than using it just to advertise their posts.

  7. Jordan Holt

    Love Love Love pinterest for blog traffic, but facebook page works the best for me.

  8. TheFashionista

    I am extremely guilty of investing much of my time on twitter. I had a twitter presence before I began my blog. I have always shied away from Facebook because I found it invasive and unethical in many ways. I was late on Pinterest but I love it. Its more fun that anything!! I have not participated in tumbler or instagram. I have been encourage to start a instagram but I’d rather be a master of one than a jack of all. I believe it has to do with your audience. Marketing 101 do not try to be all things to everyone. Find your Niche and stick with it. I use to be a huge MySpacer back in another life. Haven’t frequent my space in over 3 years. But I understand MySpace is still pretty popular amongst the music crowd. Which makes sense. But to answer your question, I think balance is paramount. I only need to walk my talk. Which I struggle to do every day.!

  9. Omar H.

    Trying to launch a new eCommerce site is tough enough, but establishing and managing a presence on all these social media platforms pushes me to the edge.

    But I’m not jumping yet!!

    You realize very quickly that without goals and content (as already mentioned here) these awesome platforms become frustrating. Once you get a voice and a story, it becomes clear how to best use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinter…. etc. etc.

    Great article!

  10. Mira Musank

    Hmm, I say start small and do more as you grow.

    Content is still key for me, so blogging is definitely first and foremost before social media. Undoubtedly, social media is important, but like a lot of you, we all have finite time in our hands (i.e.: pick your battles).

    Therefore, after finishing your blog posts, knowing who to inform for you blog posts in social media is key. Reaching out to 3 people who really care has much greater value than reaching out to 100 random strangers. I had a post where I only reached out to 1 person, and she alone drove 200+ FB shares.

    And I agree with “do not try to be all things to everyone.” So true. Pick which environments you can manage to be active in, and stick with it.

    Have a great day everyone, you guys are awesome,

  11. Patrinia

    I’m not here to ask could we follow eachother. I wanted to say hi and ask you to visit my blog. Of course I’ll return the favour. I don’t like how people here ’trade followers’ because in my opinion, it ruins the original idea of followers. They should be people who like and would love to visit your blog again and again. Still, seems like nowdays people hope to get a big amount of readers and forget what blogging is about. So if you really like my blog, please follow it. I’m not sending this message to get one reader more. I’m just spreading my blog and hoping that someone, who’d like it, hasn’t discovered it yet.


  12. Travelle McFarland

    51% content, 49% social media/marketing. I can honestly say that once I feel content with my content (haha…) and blog that I will not sleep until I’ve established a connection (via a personalized private message) with every IFB member.

    What’s great content with no social media marketing?