How To Brand Your New Twitter Page

We know it can be tough to keep up with all the updates, upgrades and improvements to your tech and social media tools. Every week it seems like there's something else to do to make your experiences faster, clearer, more personal – and just plain better.

Last week Twitter announced upgrades and changes across the board – from their in-browser site to it's mobile app for every device. In a statement about the changes, they said the new look is all about playing up visuals and photos.

While it's up to you to decide if you think Twitter's new look is actually better, it is certainly different. Like Facebook's Timeline and the Google+ layout, the most noticeable change is the addition of a header photo, and the shift of focus to the center of the page, rather than the upper left corner. Your avatar now lives front and center on top of the header photo.

It already seems like brands, bloggers and daily users are going to be slow to adopt the new look, much like with Facebook's Timeline design. (Mashable reported that only 8 of the top 100 brands on Twitter had made the transition so far.) This update feels much less disrupting than Timeline, so we recommend freshening up your page as soon as you get a chance.

What's important to remember is that your new Twitter profile page is now a much more branded experience for your followers. It's up to you to decide if your header photo will be one large image or a collage of multiple images (you can create one easily online with PicMonkey). However, with such a small space to work with, we recommend you err on the side of simplicity.

IFB's Hot Tips For Twitter's New Look:

  • The best dimensions for your header photo are 520 x 260, due to automatic cropping that Twitter does for you (their recommendation is 1200 x 600).
  • Horizontally oriented photos (with a great resolution) work best.
  • Your bio description is now part of your header – making it more visible than ever (Check out our tips to make yours amazing).
  • Your small, square avatar is also now centered instead of off to the left, giving it more visibility to your followers, so make sure it's a good one!


To give you a quick example of how easy the process is, I threw the below look together quickly using images I own and have used previously. I used a favorite photo from the summer of some purple, blue and green hydrangeas as my header, and a color-complimenting avatar from an Eat, Sleep, Denim post, with a nice, minty green as my background. Easy!

Here's Chelsea's new look, using photos she was already using on her Facebook and Instagram:

 Ideally, your Twitter profile page will mirror the look of your blog, creating nice continuity between your digital landing pages. If your blog is stark and minimalistic, you could choose a black and white header photo. If you have a favorite shot from a past post (maybe one that's also done well on Pinterest) that could work well, too!


For More Details on the update to Twitter:

Have you updated your profile page yet? What do you think of the updates?

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13 Responses

  1. Sarah's Real Life

    I had totally been ignoring the new Twitter profiles. But FINE, I have a header photo now. Happy? 😉

    I tried doing an outfit photo, but I would end up with the profile pic covering a key part of the outfit pic, or at one point it looked like I was making out with myself. I took a cue from Chelsea and did a shoe pic.

    Sarah’s Real Life

  2. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    I just changed my profile. I haven’t made up my mind whether I like it or not, but thanks so much for the tips. They really helped. I never seem to have the patience with figuring out how large or small my header photo should be. Nevertheless, this was cool.

  3. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    I’m glad that I have the Facebook timeline to give me an idea of how this will look, interesting how the timing worked out on those two platforms…

  4. Keiran Kainth

    Definitely agree, great advice. Being up to date with twitter is crucial!

    Keiran & Leanne x