The It Factor: What Tech Accessories Are Standing Out

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Contrary to what some might say, a blogger can never have too many accessories. And I'm not talking about jewelry.

Tech gadgets and accessories have filled my Instagram & Pinterest feed so, suffice to say, I think the accessory obsession is mutual. But what makes an accessory stand out from the crowd? Is there something that makes one gadget better than the other? You should see my desk drawer, it's filled to the brim with tech gadgets that I bought but that failed to live up to my expectations. And I often think that if someone had just given me one big reason as to why I should have/haven't bought something, I would have been better. With the holidays fast approaching (about 10 weeks!) it is time to get you the consumer educated on which gadgets are worth your money and will last longer than expected. Let's use your money wisely, shall we?

earbuds technologyThe Accessory: Earbuds

I recommend: InCase EarBuds

Price: $49.95

It Factor: Finding earbuds that don't hurt my ears and look cute is a lot harder than I imagined. The InCase Earbuds are not only fit my ears perfectly; they deliver quality sound.


boostcase gadgetThe Accessory:  Battery iPhone case

I recommend: Boostcase

Price: $79.95

It factor: Not all battery iPhone cases are created equal! I've used another company and after a few weeks of use, the case died. Just like that. So this fashion week, I tried another brand, Boostcase, and was surprised to see that the case actually stayed alive. Durable and extremely useful, this is the case you need if you are traveling for long periods of time or can't plug in.

The Accessory: iPad Case

I recommend: Speck's iPad 2 Candy Shell Wrap Case

Price: $54.95

It factor: I know I should like the soft, girlie iPad cases that are made out cushions or something but can I be honest? Nothing scares me more than when I'm traveling and I have to take my iPad in one of those soft cases. What if it falls on the security belt? What if someone knocks it off my tray table? So many worries, it's not worth it. Instead, I go with the Candy Shell case that has a hard outer layer that protects against scratches and a rubber lining that prevents it from breaking.




The Accessory: Wifi Hotspot Stick

I recommend: T-Mobile's Rocket 4G

Price: $49.95 (no contract)

It factor: You'd think that in today's day and age you could get wifi from anywhere. But, with all the traveling I've done, I can tell you this isn't the case. Which brings me to my beloved T-Mobile Rocket 4g. No contract, no slow internet speed. Just wifi with a laptop stick that requires minimal effort. All you do is plug it into your USB hard drive, download the T-Mobile program, and voila! You have the internets.


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7 Responses

  1. Robin

    Hey thanks for the heads up, i definitely need to invest in some technology but knowing how to keep them is very important. Please write more on tech stuff… I found a tech kit is vital when carrying out a project what is good to have where.. Fashion show, fashion event, travelling around…etc

  2. snowblackblog

    I seriously need an iPad now. At first I was like, meh, don’t see the point, but travelling around London and in other cities, with wifi access, it will save me tons of time doing stuff online because sadly my iPhone can only do so much and zoom in so far before I end up needing access to a bigger screen