Encouraging Internal Communication, HootSuite launches Conversations

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Spend less time on emails and more time with your social dashboards.

At least, that's what Hootsuite wants you to do as they unveil their Hootsuite Conversations programs, new internal communications tool to help you stay focused on social while collaborating with your clients, colleagues and team members. HootSuite Conversations was just released in Beta format and so far, we're intrigued.

You can invite members from your team that are already apart of your social organization or you can import your Google and Yahoo Contacts to chat with fellow colleagues or peers.

Why would you use this?

  • To put an end to the never-ending email threads. It's like CC and BCC gone wrong and HootSuite Conversations wants to eliminate that.
  • Create a place within your Hootsuite dashboard where you can talk with fellow social team members
  • Send tweets, links or Instagrams (basically any content that is posted within your Hootsuite framework) to those in your Conversation aka bosses, peers, contributors, etc.


Bottom line: HootSuite Conversations is like G-Chat but for social media employees.

Instead of toggling between both screens (Google & HootSuite) HootSuite has now seamlessly intertwined both aspects into one dashboard. Are there kinks? Sure but give it time. It could be a much easier way to connect with your readers and influencers, without having to personally G-Chat them.

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