Is Social Media Actually Making Fashion Week More Exclusive?

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In an article posted on Refinery29 yesterday, the writer questions the role of New York Fashion Week in regards to fashion — posing the question: With a greater general public interest in Fashion Week as an event, mainly due to its growing presence on blogs and social media, has it actually become more exclusive?

How could that be, you may ask. The article goes on to explain that as bloggers take over the front row of Fashion Week (squeezing in seats that were once reserved for editors and buyers), and create buzz about their experience, the more the the people on the “outside” (ranging from those not involved with fashion to those sitting in the third row at the same show) have a classic case of FOMO. That's right: The Fear Of Missing Out. This, in turn, actually creates more of a divide since more people are aware of the rift.

Fashion bloggers, in a nutshell, are a major piece in the growing gulf.

One quote from the article, in particular, from an anonymous PR senior account executive, explained: “There's an ever-growing sense of entitlement. Don't get me wrong, the evolution of the blog and plethora of social media channels is invaluable. But now there's a host of self-proclaimed ‘style experts' who attribute everything they know to spending hours watching reruns of Project Runway, and cause a scene at the front door in some outlandish outfit (you know, for street-style pics, duh) demanding entry. At the end of the day, fashion is a business.”

But maybe the bloggers in the front row are just a part of the changing tide — it was Glenda Bailey who may have hit the nail on the head, “just because more people came to see your movie doesn't mean it's going to win the Oscar.” Meaning, just because more people buzz about your show on the internet, doesn't mean necessarily mean it's of worth.

How do you feel about the exclusivity of Fashion Week? How do you feel bloggers have changed the landscape of Fashion Week? Is it for the better, worse, or just simply, something different?

[Image: Ryan Lochte at New York Fashion Week]


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7 Responses

  1. Kholá

    I do think bloggers have changed the landscape. I think if it were remain pure (no pay for wearing a designers wears), it would be a great thing. REAL people that wear the actual clothes because they WANT to.

  2. David

    I disagree. Social media has made it so these events are now also for the public. And the fact that bloggers are sitting front row actually makes these events less exclusive as well. When I see another fashion blogger reviewing a show, I don’t experience FOMO, I think awesome, a show with commentary.

  3. Elizabeth

    Sure, there have been changes since fashion bloggers started going to all the shows, but the change is for the better. It allows everyday people to see what a fashion show is like through the eyes of someone they’re “close” to – the bloggers. And the bloggers give a real world perspective on the fashions shows. I’m loving the change!

  4. francesca b.

    Thank you for proposing the perspective and letting the comments flow. Social media and blogs have contributed to a radical democritization of the runways. From the craze of photographers and attendees outside the venues before and after the shows and to instagramming looks directly from the catwalk, we are assisting now at live streams of the collections from home, whether or not we live in any of the fashion capitols.
    That all of that paraphernalia ( which we are thrilled about by the way) may result in success in sell in and sell out, I firmly believe it is not true. The dynamics are still played by a solid media campaign, PR efforts and buyers.

  5. Domenic Bartlett-Roylance

    I don’t think they have become more exclusive, far less in fact. I have been approached to broadcast London fashion week on my blog, there is nothing exclusive about fashion now apart from money- if you can buy the designer you want and see or not.

    xx Domenic