The Digital Innovators: What Lies Ahead in Digital

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We've discussed what it means to be an innovator and what brands are taking digital into their own hands and producing content that is not only riveting but is changing the way we see digital. Now it's time to ask the final big question…

What's next for brands who are exploring the digital space? How will they take it to the next level?

The digital world is all a buzz about two major things: mobile and social data. Connecting to their consumers 24/7 and getting to know their social media behavior is at the forefront of all digital marketers' minds. Or at least it should be.

Mashable's Lauren Indvik writes, “Mobile first, social data second. As people increase the time they spend (and spend shopping) on mobile devices, we'll see greater investment there. As for the latter – brands and retailers have been looking for ways to monetize their investments in social media. Early experiments suggest that setting up shops on Facebook isn't the way to do it. What is promising is social data — how brands can use the vast amount of information social networks have collected about consumers to deliver more targeted and personalized messaging and experiences that convert to sales.”

Social data leads to customer knowledge which then allows a brand to customize messages and personalize communications with their customer. Direct conversations with their consumers? It's going to happen. Direct emails after attending a show? Already did happen (thanks Burberry).

shopping fashionAnother platform brands like (Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade) are finding marketing success is Instagram. Liz Eswein who runs the highly popular Instagram account, NewYorkCity and is also a Co-Founder at Mobile Media Lab states, “In terms of Instagram, it is such a visual experience and I think it would be a disservice to brands to not be on the network. I think brands need to give their loyal customers and followers an insight into their inner working: behind the scenes content, fashion mood boards, editorial shoots, etc. It not only tells the story of the brand, but it creates a stronger user connection to them, as well.” While the sales return on an Instagram like has yet to be correlated, it would seem that building a relationship with a consumer  through Instagram content makes that consumer more likely to buy product from said brand. The likeability factor of a brand definitely plays into a consumer's spending behavior.

Looking at the realm of digital and its evolution, brands, designers and publications are making the digital world a creative space for consumers, readers and bloggers. These innovators are pushing boundaries and offering exclusive online experiences for their users. It’s not enough to just be “here” in digital; you have to make it your own, make it fresh. That is what makes a brand truly innovative, and bloggers from every facet of the community can learn from them.


What do you wish brands would start to do digitally? Do you have any favorite digital campaigns that you think were highly innovative? Share in the comments.

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