IFB Project Round Up #66: Sweater Weather

Put a bird on it. Or an elephant. Or a bat, maybe.

We had so many great posts to choose from for this week's IFB Project round up! There were cable knits and cozy camel hues, cardigans and cashmere – but the pervasive theme amongst your blogs was sweaters (or jumpers, as you may call them) with animals on them. Whether it was a print or a silhouette or a jewel-encrusted owl (seriously, see below), it was a jungle out there. As always, thank you so much for sending your posts – they were totally wild.

Here are our 10 favorite sweater weather posts:

1. Not Daydreams: Fall Weather, Cozy Weather

2. FlashFrame: Sweater Weather

3. The Merry Diary: Fall Shopping Guide – Sweaters

4. Trend Survivor: Fall Escape By Icelle

5. Beach & Dress: basic fall

6. Raving Fashionista: Sweater Weather

7. Nai Nai Fashion: Jump On Fashion

8. Design Hunter: This Season's 10 Best Cashmere Sweaters

9. Happy. Pretty. Sweet.: Meg Ryan, My Sweater Hero

10. FashionMint: Chunky Knits & Patterned Bits

We had 60 submissions this week – wow! Check them all out here, and then tune back in on Saturday for the next project!

[Image credits: Becky Bedbug; Happy. Pretty. Sweet; Nai Nai Fashion]

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6 Responses

  1. ZippyEntry

    Taylor. Bob Teree here. Did this post go to you or you + others? If anyone gets this via email, can you please respond?

  2. Karina De Jesus

    great choices, girls!!! 😉 so many good posts and ideas!! thanks!!!

  3. Becky Bedbug

    That’s me in the bat jumper. I really enjoyed taking part in this project and was delighted to see my image used here. However, I’m pretty disappointed that there is no link or credit whatsoever. I’d be grateful if this could be rectified. Thank you!