Fohr Card to Change the Landscape of Fashion Blogging Business

Imagine you're an up-and-coming blogger, living on the outskirts of London (and hey, maybe you really are!). You've got an eye for photography (or a way with styling or you're a master curator…). You've got no connections to the PR world, no friends on the inside. How do you get your talent in front of the right eyes? How do you find project opportunities?

As it stands now, those are tough questions – and ones that a new brand-and-blogger tool, Fohr Card, hopes to answer.

Fohr Card came to life officially last month, from the combined efforts of Rich Tong, Holly Stair and James Nord, but has been in gestation for months. The trio spent many a long night working on the concept, and often over a shared cocktail of choice – the Manhattan. As it turns out, the drink is beloved on a small island off the coast of Germany called, funny enough, Fohr Island.

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I sat down with Holly, James and Rich, to find out more about their goals and hopes for Fohr Card, which plans to go live November 1. From what I gathered, these are three people hell-bent on seriously changing the way brands and bloggers do business together.



So how did Fohr Card come about, and what exactly is it?

The genesis of the idea came from Holly Stair and Rich Tong, when they worked together on the first two Tumblr Fashion Week projects. (To refresh your memory, in 2011 Tumblr rounded up more than 20 of it's most promising fashion-related Tum-bloggers and hosted them during New York Fashion Week, giving them access to shows and events.) Stair and Tong discussed how frequently they were contacted for help enlisting bloggers for projects, and wondered why there wasn't a database that already had all that information available, in one place. Not only is it time consuming to gather, but much of what's available publicly in terms of statistics is not reliably accurate.

Think of Fohr Card like a directory for brands and bloggers, with your blog's Fohr Card functioning a bit like a model's comp card or a baseball card. The idea is that brands who subscribe have access to a huge network of bloggers, with constantly updated statistics, that can be filtered through three different channels: platform, category, and location. There's also a listing-style feature where brands can post opportunities they are looking to fill, and if a blogger meets the qualifications, can apply to be hired.

blogging fashionWhat can Fohr Card do for brands and agencies?

The press release states, “Brands who subscribe to our service will be able to view the social media follower counts, traffic, and rankings of the world’s best fashion blogs, providing them the most comprehensive picture of the fashion blogging landscape to date.”

Companies and agencies will be able to subscribe to Fohr Card on a monthly or annual, per-user basis. The service will allow them to view and contact Fohr Card's index of bloggers, search blogs through their filters, create lists of bloggers they’d like to work with for specific campaigns, and download CSV reports on the bloggers they’ve selected.

“First and foremost, our goal is to have every fashion blog in one place, so brands can see the whole blogging landscape, and hopefully reach out to blogs outside their usual network,” noted Nord.

But more importantly, how will it benefit bloggers?

The founders hope that Fohr Card can scale the experience that many of the most popular fashion bloggers have had, and “add transparency to an industry that desperately needs it,” added Nord. That's where the numbers and statistics come in.

“We want you to go from blogging about a brand to working with a brand,” Nord said of his hopes for how Fohr Card can help bloggers. “We genuinely want to change people's lives.”

By filtering the blogs by category, platform and location, brands will be able to easily narrow down their pool of options, and easily find bloggers who's profiles and statistics fit with their goals. According to Tong, “every brand is looking to push different things,” and Fohr Card wants to streamline their search efforts while simultaneously helping talented bloggers get the right kinds work.

“We want to get their work in front of some of the best brands in the world, which is an ability they might not have otherwise,” continued Nord.

What's included on your Fohr Card?

  • Twitter followers
  • Tumblr followers (if applicable)
  • Instagram followers
  • Google Analytics traffic (bloggers input a link to their analytics, so numbers are up-to-date)
  • Brands you’ve worked with in the past
  • Recent press for your blog

“We want to scale the experience that some of the most popular bloggers have had, and add transparency to an industry that really needs it. Bloggers should be getting hired for the work that they do and the following they have, not the PR people they know.” – James Nord



“I don't want to hound and I don't want to hustle; I don't want to be an agent. It makes me happy to see talented people catching great experiences and getting great work. Communities are built on the pride and support of your peers.” – Holly Stair

“There's a lot of talent out there, and we want to help anyone who is ambitious.” – Rich Tong

*Interested? Fohr Card has extended 250 invites for IFB bloggers, just login here, using the invite code: “ifb”*



What do you think of Fohr Card's concept? Do you think it has the potential to shake things up in the way bloggers and brands do business?


[Photo by: Zoltan Tombor via FGR]

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    It is a very interesting concept. I believe opportunities for bloggers to collaborate with brands will increase exponentially and it will be a great tool for PR offices and marketing departments. It will help them find the right bloggers to target their customers and help us collaborate with brands that appeal to our readers. Plus, get paid for all the hard work and love we put into our blogs!

    However, I tried to login with your code and it seems wrong?!
    I would appreciate it if you could check..


  2. Emilie

    I think this concept is genius! There is only one thing that’s a bit odd in my opinion: in order to apply, being on Twitter, Tumblr AND Instagram seems to be mandatory…

  3. Julie

    It is a great idea. It is difficult to research which bloggers would be a good fit for our brand. This idea would help a lot!

  4. Audrey roe

    yah I am pretty sure not all bloggers have a Tumblr, I don’t think that should be mandatory. It is a great concept and I am applying right now.

    Actually I don’t think the social media part is mandatory. However I am having trouble with the catagory part everytime I change it the page refreshes its very fustrating

  5. Jessica

    I think it’s a brilliant idea to connect bloggers and marketers. However, it seems that the program might have some bugs left to work out. Whenever I fill out a field and click to the next field, another window opens with a blank Fohr Card form. I’m also running into a few other issues. Given that, I might give this one some time before signing up.

  6. Linda Paiste

    Interesting idea, but I don’t want to grant anyone access to my Google Analytics without any sort of policy regarding how they will use this information. They’re probably only going to use a few key stats, but technically they have access to ALL of your information. That data is incredibly valuable and we should be careful who we let access it.

      • Sheryl Blasnik


        I am clicking the black SUBMIT button but nothing happens?

        I o not have an Instagram or Tumblr but have connected everything else…. Is this why the SUBMIT button is not working? I can preview only.

        Why is there no CONTACT button on the site? How do bloggers reach out to get help if there is a problem?

        Sheryl Blasnik
        Fashion Development Group

  7. Irene

    I agree, the concept is brilliant and perfect for helping us to network on another platform.

    It’s kind of the same concept as employment agencies, but for fashion bloggers.

    However, after I literally zoomed over to the site, I found that I was unable to reach a “completion screen”, if you will, and kept getting sent back to the settings screen. It does say “all fields need to be completed”, but I do not have a Tumblr (and wont be opening an account) and I have not worked with any brands yet or received official press since my blog is only 2 months old (I have however, grown my views by over 156% and have a steady increase of actual subscribers).

    Has anyone else run into this issue with Fohr and can someone please advise how to get past this.

    Many Thanks!

    • breakfastpixie

      I’ve got the same problem. I’ve already worked with a brand, but I’ve got no press and no Tumblr. Maybe the problem lies somewhere else, but it seems that’s why I can’t set up my profile.
      I can get a preview of it, though. But it doesn’t get any further…


  8. Irene

    @ Jessica &@ Electrogent- See my comment above. Had the same issue.

    @ Linda Paiste- I completely agree

  9. Kiki

    LOL…when I read the first paragraph, I thought…well, hey, that’s me she’s describing. 😉

  10. Judy

    Well, my first experience has been disappointing as I have been trying to log in with the above code for about 15 minutes and I never get past the screen for my email and password.
    What’s up with that? It certainly doesn’t make the site seem user friendly.
    Any answers?

  11. James

    we had a small issue with a 3rd party that was slowing some of the sign ups, but it is all back and working now, I apologize for any inconvenience.

  12. Sheryl Blasnik

    I also am typing in my E-Mail and using ifb as the password but cannot get past the login screen? Help??

    Sheryl Blasnik
    Fashion Development Group

  13. Katie

    Great idea! I am a new blogger and have a big interest in being able to work with brands & companies! I tried using the IFB code but it wasn’t working 🙁

  14. Donna

    It sounds like a great idea. I don’t think my traffic is at a point where it would benefit me yet, unfortunately. (In fact I’ve had a huge drop for the past week or two.)
    If the comment above about Instagram is correct, that seems like a bad thing. Not everyone can get Instagram. If I understand correctly, you have to have a smartphone to use the app. Yet another reason that I won’t apply at this point, even though I’d love to use a service like this.

  15. Hiba

    I think this idea is pure genius 🙂

    It won’t only introduce brands to influential bloggers, but also motivate us (bloggers) to work harder to grasp opportunities presented by the Fohr card concept!

    Thank you IFB!


  16. Sarah

    Personally I think this is a great idea and have already signed up. I’m always looking to work with brands but don’t know all that many people in PR.

    I didn’t have any difficulty signing up so I guess they must have sorted the problem?

    Sarah x

  17. Sarah Loves

    I think this is a great idea and have already signed up. I’m always looking to work with brands but don’t know all that many people in PR.

    I didn’t have any difficulty signing up so I guess they must have sorted the problem?

    Sarah x

  18. Rachel

    This seems like a really interesting idea and I love the idea of a blogging database but doesn’t this have the potential to further skew the industry? This makes it easier for brands to figure out what blogs have the largest following and therefore partner more readily with those blogs. It seems like this would make it even harder for small bloggers to be competitive no?

  19. Bree

    So what if you don’t use tumblr? There is no contact info anywhere. I’ve signed up but haven’t finished.

  20. J's Everyday Fashion

    If I’m not mistaken, this type of program has been around for a long time? SocialSpark, The Daily Buzz, Clever Girls and BlogFrog – to name a few. They all match bloggers and brands together for campaigns. It makes the process of working with brands easier, but the downside is that you never get the opportunity to make contacts and build a relationship with the brand directly.

  21. Mikelle S

    Seems on the surface to be great but I really think this will end up becoming something where it allows brands to see who the biggest bloggers are… nothing about engagement, nothing about loyalty, nothing about purchasing just simply who has the largest following.

    From a PR point I’d rather market to a blogger with 100 followers that read the blog with intent on making some sort of purchase than 300 followers who just like to look at pretty things.

  22. Emily Ulrich

    I love the concept behind it, I just hope the intent by which the site was founded translates in its actual application. I signed up now, so I’m definitely willing to give it a try! But it’s true, sometimes the analytic end of a blog misinterprets the blog’s quality. Bloggers who need a way in might not get it when all that’s being compared are their stats. Understandably, a brand will pass up working with bloggers who aren’t presently influential. But who’s to say a blogger doesn’t have potential to be influential? Maybe they need a helping hand. I’m hoping the later is realized through this site.

  23. Ascending Butterfly

    I signed up, thanks for the lead IFB! Cheers!

    INMHO, before we get worried about whether or not a fair shot will be given to all bloggers regardless of stats, it’s like all startups, they need to know what the spectrum really is of the bloggers in their registry, and until enough people really register they can’t really sell to the brands until enough bloggers are really ‘engaged’ in the service. I do understand everyone’s concerns about access to stats and bugs when registering, that can definitely be sticky and that’s up to you individually to decide if it’s ‘worth’ it to you in the end. If you are super pro-active on every aspect of running a small business including selling ad space and selling your own sponsored posts directly than you may not an ‘agent’ anway! 🙂

  24. Ascending Butterfly

    oops add the word ‘NEED’ between ‘not’ and ‘an’ 🙂

    I can and do sell my own ad space but I personally think it’s great to have various revenue streams and have someone working hard on the ‘sales’ side so I can focus on ‘content’ as that’s what I love most. So I wish Fohr Card success, and hope to get tons of ‘work’ soon!

  25. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I think this is an exciting concept particularly for bloggers who aren’t in the big playing field yet. However, I’ve tried to sign up. Each time I hit the submit button, it opens another page with a whole list of numbers and letters with the word success thrown somewhere in there so I have no idea whether it worked or not.

  26. Stephanie / FAIIINT

    I tried to do this on my iphone, but couldn’t add a profile picture because the upload form uses Flash. I then tried to login on my laptop & it said there was no such account, so I re signed up & now I can’t connect my twitter/tumblr/instgram because it says they’ve already been connected to an account?! Frustrating! It seems like a great idea, but also seems as though there are a lot of bugs that need working out before it’s remotely useable. Such a shame!

  27. The Glamorous Housewife

    Interesting concept and I signed up with no problems. I was curious as to why Pinterest and Facebook stats are not looked at considering they are so widely used by fashion bloggers.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  28. The Glamorous Housewife

    After filling out the application Fohr wouldn’t take it because I don’t have a Tumblr. Do people still use Tumblr anymore? Why do I have to have an account to belong to Fohr? They might want to rethink that one.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  29. Rebekah

    This is a GREAT idea. Especially for bloggers like myself who have a specific niche market/audience/followers…(a beach lifestyle blog based in Hawaii). Excited to signup and thanks for letting us all in on the info!


  30. Aprilia Love

    Really looking forward to seeing how Fohr Card will change how the whole brand & blogger relationship will work. I just signed up, however found that the settings page was a little “buggy” – I had to be very careful whereabouts I clicked on the entry fields (some places I clicked opened a new tab with a bunch of error code). I also had trouble linking my Instagram account – I received an error message from Instagram saying that it could not be done at this time.

    Apart from the Instagram bit, I seemed to have gotten past it though and signed up successfully. Looking forward to launch on November 1st!

  31. daftar harga sepatu safety murah

    Fantastic blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices
    out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot!