Control Gifs (And Waste Time On The Internet) With Next Level Gif Control

Some people love spending hours upon hours wasting time on the internet. I am one of those people. And whenever I see something really waste-worthy, I believe it's imperative to share with others so that they too can participate in the procrastination.

Lo and behold, Gif Ctrl.

As if gifs alone aren't addicting enough, Gif Ctrl let's you control the gifs by scrolling over it with your mouse: you can speed it up, slow it down, make it play backwards, or freeze it. The gifs range from Emma Stone's crazy expressive faces to James Franco kissing himself in a mirror, to tigers swimming and beyond, just click the background and it will change to the next gif for you — perfect for getting a little internet playtime in.

[Side note: Personally, playing some Beyonce and moving the gifs to the beat is my favorite way to play with this site.]

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