Tumblr Introduces Street Style Spotlight with Burberry

Last week, Tumblr launched a street style vertical to their Spotlight directory (their 56th), highlighting the various street style pros that use their platform for their blog. Bloggers include the likes of Altamirra, Street Etiquette, and Men in this Town, just to name a few among the 13 listed.

Previously, Tumblr lumped street style into their Fashion category — but since Tumblr is home to “some of the coolest sartorial street blogs,” the social sharing platform wanted “to grow and celebrate this amazing community,” according to Valentine Uhovski, fashion evangelist at Tumblr (yes, that's his real title).

Burberry has signed on the launch sponsor, as their blog, The Art of the Trench, also combines street style and Tumblr.

This could solve two problems for Tumblr: 1) Maybe it's their way of finally figuring out how to incorporate advertisement dollars into their much beloved platform. And 2) maybe this also has to do with how they've recently been pegged against Pinterest, the rapidly growing photo sharing platform, that also features a lot of street style photography.

[Photo by Jon Cardwell]

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4 Responses

  1. cathy lu

    This is so cool! I love tumblr. (:

    check out how I styled orange shorts:

  2. Emily Ulrich

    Oh wow, I’ve wondered how they brace the wave of Pinterest, and this really could provide some major elevation for Tumblr.