Why a 5-Month Blog Break Didn’t Kill My Traffic

Some blogging gurus have said, “Only post when you are really inspired.” This year, I took them to heart, and while working on IFB, I put my personal style blog, The Coveted, on hiatus. I didn't intentionally take five months off, it just kind of happened. When I decided to start posting again, something strange happened.

My traffic didn't go down that much.

It did go down a bit, from 2,500 visits per day to 1,500. But still, it wasn't like I had to build from scratch. At first I was happy, then a bit depressed, then it occurred to me, that there is more to building traffic than posting every  day, it's they type of posting that pulls in the traffic. While I'm not sure exactly why my traffic didn't tank so badly I took a look at my Google Analytics to help understand what type of posts will bring in traffic.

What's interesting is the top 5 traffic-driving posts for the month of September on The Coveted were:

  1. Sock Bun Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps
  2. 23 Stores to Watch on eBay
  3. How to Make Feather Earrings and Necklaces
  4. Easy DIY Half Moon Manicure
  5. Review: Benefit's They're Real Mascara Really Does Work

What do these posts all have in common?

They're Pillar Content

They're useful, instructional, they give the readers information that will [hopefully] make their lives better in some way. This is basically what's called “pillar content” posts that continue to draw in traffic. What's good about these types of posts is that they help establish your traffic base, and pull in new readers to help your traffic grow.

Everyone I talk to who does DIY posts on a regular basis say that it's a lot of work, but looking at my analytics, it's apparent that this type of work pays off. Resource guides, reviews, are also more labor intensive, but at the same time, they can really lay the foundation, and bring in the traffic over a period of time.

They're SEO Friendly

Looking at The Coveted's traffic sources, it's clear that Google search amounts to nearly half of all traffic, 49% to be exact. The top 5 posts all have titles that would do well in SEO, catchy, descriptive and to the point. Notice how there are no puns or ambiguous post titles? While I really love doing those post titles, it's apparent that Google loves keywords and the keywords bring in traffic. “How to make feather earrings,”  “Sock Bun Tutorial,”  and “Benefit They're Real” searches all had The Coveted's post on the first page.

While I wouldn't recommend anyone take five months off from blogging, from this experience, I would recommend spending some time thinking about what types of posts would bring in traffic so you can really be strategic about building your influence. Or at the very least, if the event should ever arise that you do want to take that break, you'll still have readers to come back to.



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14 Responses

  1. Magali

    I’ve found the same thing! I try to work on my blog’s every single day, but it’s heartening to see that even when I don’t, traffic doesn’t dip much!

  2. Lauren W

    That’s incredible. I see that I get a lot of traffic from google searches as well. I tend to post more personal inspirations rather than DIY, so my biggest traffic getters are from searches for models or individual products that I wear.

    xx Lauren

  3. Karina De Jesus

    This is so true. My most viewed posts are
    what do they all have in common? They are DIYs!! Every time I don’t post for a few days, these posts appear to be bringing in the most traffic through SEO.
    Thanks so much for the confirmation and your insight. Now I might work on some recommendation posts as well.

  4. Rachelle Porsenna

    When you have a well established blog with great content I believe that a 5 months hiatus won’t be all that devastating. But you need to have a great and loyal following. I’m not there yet lol, but I am constantly working on my SEO because I know that it might seems boring now but at the end it will bring me great result. And I need to get started on the DIY posts, they just require more work. Awesome post!


  5. Skint in the City

    Couldn’t agree more about Pillar Content. I’ve just started using Goggle Analytics and have discovered that all of my highest traffic posts are ‘How To’ articles, like How to Make Money on Ebay. Though these titles aren’t catchy – and I do like the catchy ones! – Google seems to prefer sensible, bread-and-butter titles.

  6. Sarah

    These are some really great points. All of my blog titles are really unSEO friendly but I’m too much into loving a categorized title over a factual one. I really need to get out of that rut!
    Thanks for the useful pointers.
    Sarah x

  7. Ana

    Your Easy DIY Half Moon Manicure is still one of my favourite nail tuts.

    I think that the colour combo does it for me 😀 .

  8. Sarah's Real Life

    This makes total sense. I did a post a couple months ago on 5 Ways to Wear a Bubble Necklace and I still get multiple hits every day from search engines. I think it’s because the bubble necklace is such a big trend this year that even after it stopped showing up on every blog, there are still “regular” people interested in the trend. Plus people really like numbered lists for some reason. So there you have it: trends and numbers are what draw the crowds 🙂

    Sarah’s Real Life

  9. Jess Harley

    DIY! DIY! Let’s go!
    Only problem is I can’t even make a daisy chain lol.

  10. Shimrit

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    i thing you would love this website..
    You gonna love this feminine wrap skirts for you and all your female friend!

  11. FiFi Qin

    Enlightening as always. When I read blogs I do pay special attentions to those personalized instructional posts a lot. Thanks!