How To Know If You’re Addicted To Social Media: Infograph

Recent studies have shown the social media may actually be more addictive than cigarettes and sex. And addiction, my friends, can be a very serious thing. As I've learned from years spent watching the Lifetime channel, the first step in coping with addiction is admitting there's a problem.

So how does one know if you're addicted to social media? Take our test here:


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Are you addicted?

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12 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    I’m not addicted according to this quiz but I spend a lot more time on social media than can be considered kosher…

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  2. Elizabeth Donato

    Would you say, I am addicted if, I shared this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Linked In? LMAO! I am a little addicted! but, I value life more 😉

  3. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    I guess I’m addicted! How could you not be addicted? There is a plethora of information online. I want to be where the information is at the moment it’s available. I do enjoy being unplugged every once in a while. However, soner or later… social media calls my name. lol 🙂 Proud!

  4. Shimrit

    Thanks Chelsea Burcz!!

    You would love this website:

    Trust me 😉