How Long Does It Take To Create A Personal Style Blog Post?

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One hour? Five hours? Half a day?

How long does it take you to create a personal style post for your blog? I vary the type of posts I share on my blog, and by far, personal style takes the longest, as far as man hours are concerned. I usually space out the different tasks over a day or two, so I've never thought too much about just how much time it takes. Until now. From shooting the images to scheduling the social media, here's how long the average personal style post takes me to complete. I'm curious to know how this stacks up to other bloggers in our community – both new and experienced – so be sure to add your thoughts in the comments!

Taking Photos: 30 minutes

It may sound strange coming from someone who does it so often, but I'm not particularly comfortable having someone take my photo for extended periods of time. I get restless, awkward and self-conscious. I like to get through the photography portion of post-making pretty quickly. Usually I'll pick two or three spots to take photos, that are all within striking (a stone's throw) distance of each other. A couple of minutes of standing, full-body shots, trying a few poses; detail shots moving accessories and trying angles; review what's been taken and try a few do-overs. I usually tell whomever is taking my photos to take many photos in rapid succession, rather than shooting selectively, so I have more options to choose from when editing.

Photo Editing: 30 minutes to 1 hour

For me, photo editing is usually the most time-consuming element of blogging. The time varies depending on how many images I decide to use, and how many were taken during the shoot. (Narrowing down the options can be time-consuming.) Iย  select which photos to use (usually between 3 and 5 for a personal style post), and make sure they show a good range of angles and details. As I've touted many times on IFB, I love using to edit my photos since I'm a novice with Photoshop. I adjust brightness and color, clean up errant blemishes and then re-size the images to a universal width for the post.

Writing: 1 hour

The amount of time spent on this aspect of putting together a blog post will vary a lot from author to author. Some of us like to write a lot, and some just a few sentences. Myself, I write a lot, probably more than many style bloggers (3 or 4 full paragraphs per post), so this can take up to an hour. I try to create a story or anecdote to accompany the images, one that's hopefully entertaining or interesting to my readers.

Add affiliate links: 15 minutes

Recently I've been trying to step up my game as far as peppering in relevant affiliate links into my posts. I devote some time to finding the retailer that has both a good commission rate and one that I do or would shop from naturally. Under the main photo (a full-body shot, usually) I will list out each item, and then add the links. I also italicize this text and center it under the image, so it's separated from the rest of my content.

Come up with a title: 5 minutes

Okay so sometimes the title just comes to you, right? You've got a slick play-on-words or a great idea in your head already, and bam – you're set! However, sometimes a little extra brain power is required. You want your headline to be irresistible, fitting and fun (and bonus points for making it SEO-friendly too!)

Add tags: 1 minute

This is the fastest, easiest part, right? I tag my posts to send them to my “Personal Style” page, along with the prominent brands and whatever else might be relevant depending on the content of the post (fall trends, styling tips, etc). It never takes more than a minute or two.

Preview, make edits and schedule to go live: 15 minutes

Once I think I'm done, it's time to see how the whole thing works together. I preview my post and ready it over at least twice from top to bottom. Does the headline fit? Are my images in focus? How is the spacing and formatting? Usually I'll find at least three or four quick changes to make. I then preview it again and read it from top to bottom, again. Finally when I'm satisfied, I schedule the post to go live.

Social media pushes: 10 minutes

Because I work full time, and often am doing exactly that when I have scheduled my posts to go out, I am apt to forget to promote them on social media. This is why I have an auto-tweet set up for my posts, which I customized using I upload my posts to Facebook manually, as well as pin my images when I get a moment during a lunch break. If I get a moment, I'll manually tweet about my post again at the end of the day. All together this takes no more than 10 minutes.

Total time: About 3 or 3.5 hours

ย Wow, 3 hours! I am sort of surprised at this number myself. Many times putting a blog post together doesn't happen in non-stop succession from beginning to end, so I don't even realize the amount of hours it can take. However, when I think about how important it is to me to have my outfit posts be well-done, well-written, and easily shop-able, it's no surprise that the effort takes time.


How many hours do you think it takes you to create a blog post? Are you a fast writer and a more careful editor? Do you shoot your photos in a flash or dedicate serious hours to a shoot? Share your experience in the comments.

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  1. Maria Losch

    Thx for article! I waiver between 4-5 hours. **Here’s something I’ve been doing that makes photo shoot time more efficient โ€“ I plan 3 to 4 different style post outfits for one day of shooting. That way I at least knock out the photo taking and editing all at once. This is only when I’m highly organized and make the time. Otherwise, I’m shooting on the fly with my iPhone and a mirror.
    xo, M

  2. Rachel

    I always thought these were the quick and easy ones as they don’t involve so much writing as actual articles do, but now seeing this break down, I’ve realised this is how much time I spend putting to posts together – shocking!

  3. Filipa

    I’m a personal style blogger and I always knew that it takes a lot of time to write a blog post, but didn’t really had in mind that it’s that much. But now, after I’ve read this post I have to say that it’s so true.
    Blogging is like a full-time job, it takes a lot of time and effort.
    Filipa from

  4. Anusha

    Great article, now everyone knows the effort going in!

    I usually take not more than 2 hours. I guess because:
    – I don’t write much and let the pictures do the talking.
    – Whatever I write I already think about in advance.; mostly while taking the photos ๐Ÿ˜›
    – I don’t edit my photos much
    – And I always blog in the night so, the network bandwidth is faster and the photos get uploaded quickly!


  5. TheFashionableTeacher

    It doesn’t take me that long because I’m not a personal style blogger. As a red carpet/celebrity style blogger, it takes a while to find flattering pictures of celebrities because not all show them in the best light. Maybe they’ve been caught grimacing. Then I double check and/or research what the celeb is wearing. Usually about 10-15 minutes per post, but I do from 5-10 posts per day. More during awards season.

  6. Rachelle Porsenna

    Great article, my photoshoot are 15 minutes most of my outfit posts are taken after I get dress for work, and a few over the weekend. Since I have to be at work at 9 I don’t have much time for pictures. I don’t have any awkward moments when taking pics because it’s only me, my tripod, my shutter remote, and my camera. And I think I know my angles by now.
    When I get home after work I go thru the pics and make the selection that’s the hardest part because sometimes I just cant make a 15 pics outfit post. I HAVE TO CHOOSE and I HATE IT.
    I keep the editing to a minimum and I purchased some great photoshop actions to make my life easier.
    Writing the post is often easy as I write about my day and the outfit.
    wow.. I didn’t realize it was such a long process. I usually schedule my post at mignight and do a quick sharing over all my social media site in the morning.

  7. Irina Bezdezhsky

    I’ve been looking forward to someone writing this!!
    And now I know I’m not the only one feeling awkward taking all these pictures. Especially when you have a bus-stop full of people watching all your efforts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Editing takes a while, and I also use picmonkey and love it!
    Scheduling posts takes longer for me since I don’t have an option to pre-schedule them on my website and I have to publish them at the right time… that is a bit tricky, but if I finish everything I need to do at night it’s not so hard to do in the morning.
    I will look into Twitterfeeder, thanks for the tip on that!
    Great article!

    savvynista, great idea on doing a few outfits at a time, I’ve been thinking of doing that and will definitely try it now!

    What I wanted to ask bloggers is – with so many things we need to get done, do you develop a schedule or take things as they come?? would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this!


  8. Anna Turabelidze

    Thank you for breaking this whole process down to details..It takes me a little bit longer than you, probably like 4 to 5 hours to complete my personal style post. I am a novice and I am still learning how to do this properly. I am never satisfied with my photos and hope to improve their quality over time.

  9. Erin @ Loop Looks

    My personal style posts probably take between 60 and 75 minutes. I take my photos in the morning on my way to work and typically only take 3-6 photos using the self timer burst mode on my camera I just have to hope I get a good one or work with what I’ve got! And other than cropping I don’t do much editing.

    Writing the post takes about 30 minutes including adding any links. I need to get better about that.

    I schedule all my Twitter posts for the day and that takes between 5 and 10 minutes. And I manually update Facebook once the post goes live.

    It’s an interesting exercise to break it down. Thanks for this post!

  10. DeniseAngela

    Right now just starting my new blog about 2 hours a post….I do not edit my photos (digital & film) though leaving them totally uncut. What you see is the real me & my composition of my photos. I write minimal & prefer the photos to speak visually! Thanks for the interesting post.

  11. Hua Jing Li

    I usually go out with my friend who photographs for hobby to take photographs, we spend an hour or two taking photos, in different locations around the city. It gives me more choice to work from. I do find very awkward being photographed in public, as I often think that people prejudge and think I’m a model wannabe.

    The editing side of things is all his side, but it s just simple touches to lighting. And usually have the text in mind, though I do think I need to spend more time. Though blogging is a hobby, it is definitely like a full time job, but it should be fun and enjoyable

  12. Lauren/pink on the cheek

    The pictures take up the most time for me. I am transitioning back to style on my blog, but it takes like most of the night editing the pictures. Writing the post, etc. I don’t understand how people can write many posts per night to get loaded up for the week. I can do a post a day.
    But I love your fashion posts, they are worth the time because they look great!

  13. Nionvox

    I’m a photographer, so it probably takes me an hour total to do photos with a full lighting setup – then another hour to select and edit. The shortest part is writing and posting it, because I usually already have the entire post in my head, if I haven’t typed it out already.

  14. AJ (@ajwearsclothes)

    It really does add up! I’d go ahead and add 15-30 minutes of outfit prep to my time, because by the time I’m ready to take pictures at the end of the day I need some freshening up. I spend a few minutes before I take photos fixing my hair and make up and making sure all the little details work to photograph well together. Sometimes I’ll change out a pair or shoes or jewelry if I think it might not translate on film.

    All in all, I’d say all of the little social media details take up the most time. I just do them throughout the day at work when I remember, but a personal style post really takes all day, from getting ready to posting!

  15. Jessica Nyirinkwaya

    Very interesting post, it takes me 2-4.5hours for everything and I spend most of my time editing the photos 1-2hours. Since I usually take pictures when I’m already dressed to go somewhere I was supposed to go, it doesn’t take me long, 15-30 min. But editing and coming up with a good/useful description of my outfit is the hardest and the most time consuming for me.
    I should also mention that finding similar items to the ones I am wearing so I can link them up for my readers is just…HARD!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Heidi

    This is almost exactly the same process for me, which is why I only publish 1 outfit post a week. One difference is I try to batch the photo tasks together as much as possible, so I sometimes shoot a month’s worth of photos in 1 day, then edit them all in 1 session, etc.

    Then I can spread out the tasks of writing the posts, formatting them, adding affiliate links and scheduling them to be published.

    One thing I’ve discovered after doing outfit posts for over a year is that the writing part itself has gotten faster. I have a better idea of how to talk about what I’m wearing and what I want to say. For me, the most tedious part is the affiliate linking. Thank goodness for Shopstyle and CJ!

  17. Terry

    I’m also on the shorter end of the spectrum, taking maybe 2 hours or so.

    I shoot my looks on my way to work every morning (as I’m walking from my car to my building), so I’m pressed for time. I have a great timer app for my iPhone, shoot about 30 photos or so, and off to work I go.

    I also don’t do any heavy editing of my photos, other than lightening or darkening. I’m also pretty minimal in the “words” department, so I’m usually doing my blog post during my lunch hour.


  18. Sabrina

    When I’m shooting only one outfit, I work in exactly the same way as you do (I’m surprised!), but there have been times (and there will come times, as I’m ill now and can’t shoot anything) when I have to shoot more than one outfit at once. My boyfriend is quite a picky photographer and is always looking for shots he can use on his photography blog as well, so we usually choose a pretty setting (or several settings) and then shoot one or more outfits. But even if I shoot several outfits on the same day, the editing and publishing is usually delayed several days, as I mostly have one or two posts prepared all the time.
    When I put together posts on recent collections or fashion shows, it takes me about two hours, shorter posts on fashion editorials or campaigns take me about an hour or so.
    I love blogging so much, I can’t remember what I did with all my spare time before!


  19. Sabina

    This was a really helpful post and I’m glad I’m not the only one committing to several hours per post. (Go big or go home.)

    In my case I have a fashion illustration blog and on average each image (drawn and then painted in watercolor) takes about four hours. Eight hours if there’s more than one per post. Cleaning the images up in Photoshop usually takes around 20 minutes. Writing the accompanying post takes about 40. I’m wordy but I’m also an experienced writer so for me this is the least stressful part. Social media (FB and Pinterest, Twitter is automatic) is never more than 10 minutes. So anyway my average post is at least five-hour endeavor.

    This is not a complaint since I do love every minute of it. I usually have to space it out over a two or even three day period though.

  20. Renee

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes hours to write a post. I try to do maybe 5 personal beauty posts a week (prepping most of it on the weekends since I have a 9-5 job) and then I have “filler” posts with beauty news, celebrity beauty, and reviews (but sometimes reviews can take a couple hours to write as well if I’m shooting my own pics).

  21. Ascending Butterfly

    I love to write, so that’s my favorite part of the process, but the coding and photo-editing can be extremely time consuming!

  22. Dawn

    It takes me about the same 3 hours with an additional 20-30 minutes to do video post to youtube then upload to the blog for and OOTD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Tali

    I always feel it takes me much longer! But I think you’re right, and it’s way better. There’re just SO many thing to do with blogging, also read other blogs/comment, pin pictures, tweet, chat, Instagram.. basically blogging takes ALL of my free-from-daytime-job time.

    ย ย ย Tali
    ย ย ย

  24. annebeth

    I do almost daily outfitposts, I don’t think I would have kept it up for as long as I have (couple of years) if it would take me as long as you! Respect! ๐Ÿ˜€

    After doing it so often for so long, I’ve really developed a routine. I never go far from home/where I’m at that day when I choose a location, I know all the good spots near my usual hangouts, so scouting time is reduced to about 1 minute. Taking pictures hardly ever takes more than 15 minutes, usually I get it over with in 5-10 mins since I just go through my usual poses and usual photo’s (full outfit, upper half, lower half/shoes, interesting details, face) and that’s that. When you are experienced in posing and taking pictures a bit more, you don’t need to take a billion pictures and picking out the good ones won’t take as long. Takes me maybe 5-10 minutes? Editing takes me maybe 10-15, just resizing and tinkering with the light. Then I upload them to a blogpost, write something (usually at least a few paragraphs) and don’t schedule but just publish that shiz and share on fb, twitter, pinterest and sometimes lookbook (takes another 15 minutes maybe). I think I usually spend about an hour on all of it? It’s all about developing a routine, really! ๐Ÿ˜€ knowing what time of day works w/r to lighting, what angles work, what poses work etc. That’s my best tip!

  25. annebeth

    oh, and about the title: I have learned to save SO much time by just describing what I’m wearing, not trying to go for something catchy or creative. F.e. “denim, feather boa, leopard boots” for an outfit post. To the point is the best way to be search engine friendly anyway in my experience!

  26. Fashion and Lifestyle

    Creating personal style blog has always been my yearning. And I usually pondered over a lot to commence but always found perplexed as how to go about. I really thank you for such a systematic information and stimulating me to carry out mine. I’m just doing it and also I really appreciate the way you’ve counted on the times taken.

  27. Oceana

    Great piece! I do a lot of in-depth writing for larger ecofashion sites, so I keep it light on my personal style blog and have fun with personal anecdotes, which cuts down on the writing time. However, I more than make up for it in the visual dept. I only recently became comfortable with looking at photos of myself and that allowed me to be more creative with the composition. Since I’m relatively new at it, I spend a lot of time composing the shoot. Having a standardized background and pose is not how I want my blog to look and feel. I agree with everyone who said they save time shooting several days worth of looks at once. It’s nice when you can plan ahead like that. Mostly though I’m day-to-day. I’ve got photo editing down. but it still surprises me how much time it takes.

    Like many of you, all told with social media included, it probably takes me 4-5 hours.

    Note, I never thought to include the social media time in the total calculation of time spent on a post, which was a nice ah-ha. It’s really a big job, this blogging.

  28. Maria

    I do love your blog! What kind of wordpress theme do you use? I love the full sizes pics! And your outfit are so femenine!