How To Market Your Visual Content on Pinterest

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With over 11.7 million users on Pinterest and around 104 million visits per day, Pinterest is sure making a name for itself. No wonder either as it is the third most-popular social media networking site on the Internet.


Like you, I spend a lot of my time pinning images of inspiration, clothes that I want to buy, collections that I love, and also blog posts that I think my fans would enjoy. But I always feel like there is something more I can do. There has to be, right?And if I'm wondering how to do more on Pinterest than just “pin pretty things”, I'm sure you are too.

To find out how bloggers (and myself) can truly make these Pinterest accounts work for their blogging traffic, we spoke with Rick Kats,  Co-Founder of Pinerly, a resource for Pinterest users who want to create and curate content that effectively reaches their targeted audience. Like Google Analytics for Pinterest, Pinerly has fast become a tool that I use to see how my pins are doing in terms of click-throughs and pins.

Kats offered three big takeaways for bloggers who want to make their Pins more traffic-friendly including:


1. Create lifestyle campaigns or visuals that embody your entire life, not just a product. For instance, don't just pin an image of your shoes. Instead, put the shoes in a setting. Tell a story with your pins, a story that your audience will relate to and want to share. This is a guaranteed way to get more likes and more pins.

2. Make your Pinterest campaigns a call to action. Your pins have to interest your reader in away that makes your reader want to click-through. Use your captions and literally TELL your reader why they are clicking through. Highlight a trend, describe your outfit briefly, spotlight an item's key trait. Whatever you do, entice your reader in a short, succinct manner.

pinterest marketing

3. Create and pin graphics, not just blog pictures. Placing text on top of graphic result in four times the engagement on Pinterest aka more click-throughs, comments, repins. Just imagine this: You have a photo that features a really rocking look. You pin. You click over to Pinterest and notice your photo (oh hi). But then you look at the entire dashboard and your photo is surrounded by other cute outfit posts. And immediately, you realize your pin will get lost in the sea of pins. So how can you avoid that lost-in-the-sea-of-pins feeling? Add text! I pinned this image and because I used text, it was picked up by a major Pinterest user and resulted in a huge traffic spike. Lesson: use text to get your audience's attention.


Overall, the biggest advice Kats gave me was to listen to your readers, monitor what they want, and create images that evoke emotion.

The Pinerly team also shared this extremely resourceful  Pinerly Cheat Sheet that breaks down all the makings of a great pin.


pinterest marketing

Do you have any tips for fellow Pinterest users? Is there something that you have done that is super successful?


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  1. Rabiyyah Khan

    What a great piece of information. For someone looking to grow their online presence, this is a great way to extend the communication! I look forward to research Pinerly and its efforts along with better utilizing Pinterest to market my own fashion thoughts 🙂

  2. Kat McCarthy

    Excellent article! Thank you! Like the 2 commenters previously, I do use Pinterest, and would like to do a better job of generating traffic and interest. I think I need to use this resource, and focus on putting these terrific tips into action.

  3. pinterest marketing

    Nice information, Thanks for adding your thoughts and for your kind words. I’ve been using socialbakers, hootsuite and socialkik to increase my followers and fans.