Poll: Does Age Affect What Blogs You Read?

As Aaliyah's (rest in peace) 1994 album title once said, “Age ain't nothing but a number.” But is that really true?

As technology and the internet play a larger role in our day to day lives, it's no surprise that younger generations are now blog-savvy.

But as bloggers today are seemingly getting started younger and younger (Willow Smith, at the ripe age of eleven, recently announced she too now has a fashion blog), it makes me wonder: do younger bloggers have younger readers?

Does the age of the blogger affect the age of their audience? Or is good content simply good content?

Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie was able to break age barriers with her content, drawing in readers of all ages as a wunderkind sensation. Then there's Ophelia Horton, a twelve-year-old blogger who has also gotten some attention as of late with her writing on Who's That Girl?.

Tell us what you think.

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How do you feel about the next generation of bloggers?

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18 Responses

  1. dingydust

    doesnt make any difference as per bloggers–how the h-e-double-toothpicks do any of us know how old any of us is unless the one of us about whom we are guessing makes a point of telling us?

    doesnt really matter as far as magazines, either–at least not fashion magazines, at least for the most part. otoh, in western culture, age is gonna make a difference as far as what books a person reads. unless a person is really interested in stretching–very rare these days of overabundance that anyone stretches at all—a person is gonna read whats trendy current. even intellectual trendy current.

  2. WorkOfStyle

    Of course age matters, because you’re not necessarily interested in the same things at 12, 20 and 35. I mean, if it’s a really good blog, I may read it regularly even though I don’t feel like it’s how I’d get dressed or if it’s not talking about issues that I’m currently dealing with (but I will still enjoy it because it’s well-written or well-styled if we’re talking outfit posts). If we’re talking mostly about outfit posts, I think it’s normal to look mostly for bloggers your age because you certainly don’t (and shouldn’t) dress the same at 12, 20 and 35. Just like you may not read many blogs for curvy girls if you’re not. You need to relate to most of the blogs you read – but as I said, there are still some (a FEW!) you can read even though it’s not from someone your age / style / etc.

  3. Donna

    I agree with WorkofStyle. I read blogs that have content that appeals to me. It’s possible that age wouldn’t matter, if someone much younger or much older liked the same clothes that I like. But that’s usually not going to be true because people’s tastes change throughout their lives. I think I’m an odd-ball, because I tend to get along very well with people much younger than me as well as my age (I have a good friend who is 20 years younger than me). If I like clothing, I like it, regardless of who chose it/wears it/posts it. But if the blog also has written content, then I’d rather read something written by someone close to my age. Maybe……Hmmmm. Thought provoking, as usual.

  4. CrissyM

    At times it’s refreshing to read (and see) what’s on the younger generation’s mind (and in their hearts) and the going on’s in their lives.

  5. Miss City Chic

    i am a teen blogger and surprisingly i have a diverse age group of people that read my blog which is great! but this is such a good point!

    Miss City Chic

  6. rosemary

    I try to make my blog appeal to every age. I write about NYC so many things can be enjoyed by all ages and I talk about great food, style and history. I agree that if the content is great, it shouldn’t matter the age. I do think some bloggers who are older tend to post about topics that only fit their age group and I think they should try to keep it open to appeal to all readers. Great topic!!

  7. Stephanie

    I believe age subconsciously plays a role in the bogs that a person reads. I don’t set out to discriminate on blogs by ladies younger than I am or significantly older, but the content may vary. It’s usually easier to relate to someone who is of the same age. But good content is good content. It’s very possible for a younger blogger’s content to be appealing just as it is for a much older blogger’s content.

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  8. Corleen

    I think it’s all about style. There is a range of younger looking styles all the way to more older, conservative looking styles. People from various ages fall all over that range. I look for bloggers who tend to be similar to myself or who have styles that I admire. I don’t really stop to check how old they are.

  9. Cynthia

    Age definitely matters. As does a blogger’s likes and dislikes. I’m not going to read a hip hop blog because, well, I don’t like hip hop, for example. I read blogs where the writer has a similar lifestyle to mine (hard to find, actually!! I’m in my early 30s and so many people have moved on from being city girls to moms in the suburbs. And the ones who are still doing the Carrie Bradshaw thing are unmarried and too focused on fashion. I really need to find someone who has some interest in arts and culture, style and food – i.e. someone like ME!), which I think is fair. At the same time, I don’t exactly write/target a very young audience either.


  10. Birdette

    I can’t say I like them, but it depends on what they’re writing about, personal style? Can’t do it, it just doesn’t work for me to be gawking at a pre pubescent. (this applies to the catwalk too) However if the content is good, and doesn’t read like it’s being written by a “totes amazeballs” 12 year old, then why not? I wish I had been that driven to succeed as a teenager.


  11. Maya

    I think age is more of a factor when thinking about personal style.

    But for example, my blog is NOT personal style and I’m a teenager. My audience is mainly adults in their 30s and older!

    Not to mention, a lot of the blogs I’ve seen by the young crowd are much more interesting, creative and even better written than those of some adults.
    Age does not determine skill.

  12. El

    If the content is well-crafted, well-versed, inspiring, and provides an interesting and fresh perspective on fashion, beauty, or lifestyle, then it does not matter the blogger’s biological or mental age for me.
    I feel it’d be a wise move if everyone just left their ageisms at the door overall…

    “look good, feel good, in style” http://www.fggofstyle.com

  13. Camille

    I tend to avoid younger bloggers, (under 25 or so) but really it all depends on the content of the site. Some of the most inspiring bloggers are very young! Age is what you make of it.

  14. Terry

    I subscribe to blogs of varying age ranges. I like to keep abreast on a range of fashion trends, so I’m not too picky on the age of a blogger.

  15. Lisa Chakan

    For me, it’s all about finding unique, engaging and addictive content. If the blogger is 85 (or 10) and has a kick ass blog, I’m all over that site.

  16. Monica Joseph

    I am a new teen blogger, (13) and I honestly just write about, youth culture and fashion and whatever is going on in my head and how that relates to fashion. I have been inspired by four year olds. Anyone can be inspired by anything.

  17. beka nicole

    if the content is good then i could care less if your two or two hundred!