The Whole Package: 5 Well-Branded Blogs

Branding is one of the most important elements of creating a cohesive online presence. It can also be one of the hardest elements to really nail down. Deciding who you are online is not as easy as it sounds, right? From the brands you work with to the ads you host, your header, your social media visuals and the voice you address your readers and followers with, it's all part of your brand as a blogger.

To inspire your branding efforts on this Friday afternoon, we've selected five blogs who's branding we currently really admire. There are of course many, many, excellently branded blogs, these are just a few to get you started.

5 Well-Branded Blogs

Wish Wish Wish

As much as we just love the aesthetics of Wish Wish Wish, we also love how consistent they are. Her feminine point of view, sweet illustrations, and even her fonts carry from her main site to her Twitter background and Facebook page. Her personal style has a consistent as is her approach to photography.

A Beautiful Mess

This lifestyle blog is run by a duo (we do enjoy a good blogging duo) of creatively-inclined sisters, Elsie and Emma. From the fonts to the sponsors, it's clean, colorful and so easy to navigate. If you check out their Pinterest, it appears that they carefully choose each image they share or re-pin, always keeping with their taste in decor, style, crafting and travel.

9-to-5 Chic

Anh's whole angle is about creating and sharing looks that work for work. This professional, sleek, approach to dressing is applied to her site and social media branding as well, her header appears on her Twitter background (she even updated to the new look), and her color scheme is consistent throughout.

Purse Blog

Purse blog is a well-oiled niche blog if ever we saw one. The content spans from reviews to celebrities to budget buys and collection reviews, all pertaining to handbags. Content is tagged and then fed into well-organized widgets and pages (our favorite is “The Many Bags Of...” feature) and Purse Blog's Twitter avatar and Facebook icon is the same as it's main site's header. The voice on the site is consistent with the social media, making Purse Blog's online experience pretty seamless.

Girl With Curves

One thing that stands out about Tanesha's branding on Girl With Curves that really stands out is that she does it all from the Tumblr platform. Her images are consistently sharp, her style is always geared towards flattering silhouettes in grown-up ensembles, and her site is incredibly professional in it's design. Easy, simply navigating pages are at the top, and along the bottom directs you with images and text to beauty, video, outfits and trend stories, as well as all her social media, and posts broken down into item-specific tags. Brilliant!

How do you brand yourself and your blog? Do you apply some of the same tactics as the bloggers we mentioned? Share your best branding advice in the comments.


[Image credits: Girl With Curves, City Brewed, A Beautiful Mess, 9 to 5 Chic, Wish Wish Wish, Purse Blog.]

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12 Responses

  1. Cylia Herbertson

    Such great examples! I think it’s important to be consistent when it comes to the small things aswell, like you said, same header, profile picture and same backround colour on every social media platform. You have to know in what community you’re in to adapt accordingly and also be consistent with your editorial calender.

  2. Cynthia

    My main blog (i.e. the one not part of IFB) is considered “lifestyle” which I’m beginning to think may be a bit problematic. A lot of PR people, specially big companies, somehow put me in with Mommy bloggers, which I am not. I see myself as a site for well-educated, upper middle income women with some luxury inspirations in sophisticated style, dining, travel and have interest in arts and culture (i.e. if they watch reality shows at all, they’re probably closeted about it, thus the reason why I pretty much only have negative articles on shows like Real Housewives). Somehow, most media (at least around here) aren’t interested in that. They’re only interested in bloggers who have a very funky sense of fashion and are at parties several times a week (seriously, the top fashion bloggers in this city probably go to at least two events a month. I try to go to one.). I’ve been blogging for over five years and other than a few quotes here and there and a couple of online profiles, I have yet to make my appearance in one of the three major Canadian style-related publications (or in the Toronto lifestyle magazine, Toronto Life).

  3. Ruta R

    Wow, these are some awesome blogs. Had fun checking them out! Found some new daily reads!