IFB Project #68: Create An Autumn Style Pinterest Board

IFB Project #68: Create an Autumn Style Pinterest Board

We want to change things up a little bit with this week's IFB Project. Instead of having you create a post, we want you to create and share a Pinterest board! We need some fall dressing inspiration, and we bet you do, too. Think outside the box, and set the scene too. Add leafy fall foliage images, autumnal nail colors – anything that reminds you of the season. Give your board a festive name and then share a link right to it below, by midnight on Tuesday, October 16th. Have fun and get to pinning!



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  1. Rita

    I know IFB is originated in the US but it’s a bit ostracising to all of the community of independent fashion bloggers in the Southern hemisphere. We’re just halfway through Spring here, and sure, it’s no ones fault but if we want to participate or be part of the community we have to follow e dictatorship of the north… Birds are out, temperature is rising, hay fever’s back…Autumn is my favourite season but com’on! I know that in the end of the day, it’s all about the majority but do think about us all. The World is bigger…

    • Ella

      Get Creative and tie that in there, or be a bit nicer is your delivery of what it is that you want. Maybe tweeting them or leaving a email about the seasonal differences.