You Need This Right Meow: Blogging Tips From Famous Internet Cats


Happy Caturday, bloggers!

Wait, what's that you say? What's caturday? Why, it's the Internet's weekly celebratory cat day, that's what. Over here at IFB we're big animal lovers, but we're even bigger lovers of what's going on with all the animals on the Internets. Most especially the cats. What is it with the Internet and cats? While we can't even attempt to answer that one, we figure we might as well just go along with it. Can we learn anything from these furry, fancy and fun-loving little creatures, some of which have more than 60,000 likes on Facebook?

For your caturday viewing pleasure, a few of our favorite feline Internet sensations illustrate some handy blogging lessons.


Sometimes you have to think outside the box. And then in it again. And then back out.

Skifcha (The Dubstep Hipster Cat):

Don't be afraid to be silly sometimes (and turn your video content into a cool gif).

Keyboard Cat:

It's okay to march to the beat of your own drum, or keyboard, for that matter.

Rich Cats of Instagram:

When in doubt, go with a bold red accessory.

Pattycake Talking Cats:

Collaborating on a creative project can be fun – but play nice!

Lil Bub:

Just be your unique, wonderful, one-of-a-kind self.



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3 Responses

  1. Sabina

    I would so love to make one of these funny vids or just an elaborate photo shoot with my kitten Kiki, but she’d probably kill me so, yeah…. no.

  2. Katherine Tabinowski

    The Pattycake cats make me cry from laughing every time! Great post!