Top 15 Things ‘Iconic’ To Fashion Blogging: Diagram

Marilyn Monroe has an iconic white dress, Chanel has their iconic little black jacket, and Cindy Crawford has an iconic mole. But what about fashion bloggers?

We thought about some of the things that we've seen on the blogs over and over again… and made a little diagram with our results. Check out the top 15 things found on fashion blogs:

  • Mullet dress
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Floral head piece
  • Celine bag
  • Litas
  • Balenciaga cropped sweatshirt
  • Caviar manicure
  • Bib necklace
  • Alexander Wang sandals
  • Peplum anything
  • Heat Wave lipstick
  • Quilted Chanel handbag
  • Round rim sunglasses
  • Top knot
  • Valentino studded shoes

Anything we missed? Tell us!

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23 Responses

  1. Kathleen Lisson

    This is a great and eye opening list. How many of these are we guilty of? I admit, I keep on trying on wide brimmed hats, even though they have a casual look that is not my style, just because they look good on other fashion bloggers. I always end up putting them back on the shelf. How can we break out of these stereotypes and find our own niche?

    • Chelsea Burcz

      good point! while fashion trends are always going to be written about, it’s important to start thinking about what’s NOT written about to stand out.

    • Asiya

      I had to google a few things, but as soon as I saw them, I was like, oh yeah, I’ve definitely seen that on so and so blog….lol

  2. mira

    I’d call that more “unoriginal” and “trendy” than “iconic”, haha. In the case of your examples – Marilyn Monroe, Chanel, Crawford – these things belong to them as individuals. Those things are ‘theirs’ – they’re not trends that they copied from one another. Everything listed in the diagram is simply a trend… and trends come and go. Five years from now, when you think of fashion blogs, you won’t think of ANYTHING listed in the diagram – you’ll think of whatever the current over-repeated trend is.

  3. Maya

    Don’t think I’ve been guilty to most on that list :p
    I love to stay true to my own style and taste and don’t always buy the must-haves (unless I really love them and they fit in my style)
    And I guess the handbags are mostly because they’re expensive haha 😀

  4. Libertad

    I think I don’t follow the ‘right’ people, ’cause I haven’t seen any of these in the blogs I normally check… and not on my blog too!
    Well, maybe I don’t follow the ‘right’ people for this. But of course they’re the right people for me 🙂

  5. Clara

    Did my comment get rejected?
    I don’t think it was “negative, slanderous, [and/or] destructive” (per IFB’s comment policy). I intended it as constructive criticism. Should I have given you a hug at the end?

    • Chelsea Burcz

      Hi Clara – your comment didn’t get rejected. I don’t see it in the pending queue. Go ahead and try again! I’ll keep my eye out. No hugs needed here. 😉

  6. Agedah

    This is probably one of the funniest post that IFB has ever posted! I felt that a lot of these items were way too expensive to be iconic to fashion bloging since only a select few bloggers out of the millions can actually affored Chanel bags. I wrote a response post to this called “The Real Iconic Items to Fashion Blogging” that features items that I feel are a lot more common.