How To Network Like A Pro: 9 Ways Make Friends (And Beneficial Contacts) At Blogger Events

While blogging may seem like a solitary act, there's a very social aspect that comes with the territory.

As public relations teams like to generate buzz about their products on the internet, blogging events have now become a dime a dozen. But while these events may seem like just a couple of free drinks and fun, it's important to remember why you were invited and how they benefit you.

Being an independent fashion blogger can mean a lot of alone time while working.

There's no one to bounce ideas off of or to chat with — so when going to a blogging event, it's your time to show off more than just your internet personality, but your IRL (in real life) personality.

And who knows? Maybe you will hit it off with another blogger. There could be someone who you collaborate with next, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to gain insight from, or just someone to chat with about how work is going. Meeting people doing similar things can help you feel more confident and assured in what you do independently.

As the contacts you make in person can often times be the longest lasting ones, keep yourself from being of social pariah status with these tips the next time you're at a fashion blogger event:

  • Put your best face on. You're representing your “company,” and often times, that company is you. Go ahead and get a little dolled up when you know you are going to be meeting new people. Think of it like being on a first date — impress them!
  • Remember, you all have something in common. Don't feel intimidated or afraid to approach a fellow blogger because you all have something in common you can talk about — blogging!
  • Bring your blogger business card… but ask others for their cards. You don't wait for someone else to initiate the card exchange. Muster up the courage to make connections, and follow up your party chit-chat with an email the next day.
  • You probably shouldn't drink too much. Sure, help yourself to the complimentary beverages — but if you want to be taken seriously, you probably shouldn't be slurring your words.
  • Introduce yourself to the team throwing the event. If you're just starting out, this is a great way to make connections with brands to work with in the future.
  • Remember, it's about more than just the swag. Yes, swag bags can be an obvious perk of the job, but that's not the reason (nor it shouldn't be) for trying to connect with brands. If a PR teams notices you constantly “grabbing and going,” it probably will make them think twice about working with you in the future.
  • Keep an open mind when meeting other bloggers. If a big time blogger you admire comes to the event, that's great. However, just because you haven't heard of a blogger, it doesn't mean they aren't worth chatting up. Take time to make the rounds and introduce yourself to bloggers you may not be familiar with — you never know who they might be.
  • Use social media to your advantage. If you feel like you made a connection at an event with another blogger, go ahead and follow them on social media, it's likely they will follow you back.
  • Be yourself! It sounds cheesy, but it's true. Don't bother trying to pretend you are someone you aren't — other bloggers will be attracted to your personality as long as you're considerate and polite.

What are some ways you network at blogger events?

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13 Responses

  1. Orko R Khan

    My work is same as this, but in a diffident industry.
    But your tips are so good to help me …. and others as well.
    Will look froward for more .

  2. Barbara

    I am really not good at meeting people in person especially in the midst of a crowd. I don’t take snobs well so I prefer person to person meetings.
    I am working on my shy streak (which doesn’t show up on social media though) and making it work for my own good (if possible, lol)
    Lagos, Nigeria

    • Ujjaini

      Hi Donna

      I am looking for such events to. Being a new blogger, am on the lookout too, to meet new bloggers, share ideas and make friends as well as work togtether.

      Please do let me know, if you would like to connect sometime, or if you come to know of a good way to find events around you.


  3. Ana

    My job, not just blogging, is such that everything I do “can mean a lot of alone time while working”, and I have to make a conscious effort to engage with the outside world, but it’s always worth it – new/other people and their energy and ideas are wonderful <3 😀 .