How Your Office Space Can Affect Your Blogging, And What To Do About It

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Maybe you haven't thought about it before, but your work environment can seriously affect how efficiently you blog.

As a producer of original content, you want to constantly get (and stay) inspired. For many bloggers, there's no formal office or space where work is done — in fact, most bloggers work from home (especially those balancing a “day job” with their personal work).

Working from home can be beneficial since you are in a space that is comfortable to your needs (presumably). But there are a few counter-productive traps you can easily fall prey to…

Why you shouldn't work from bed…

Working  in your pajamas from your bed might be uber-comfy, but it actually isn't such a smart idea when you think about how brain patterns work.

  • Essentially, you are training your brain that where you relax and sleep is where you do your most creative work. If you're using your bed space for “work” it could possibly cause two reactions: 1) You will have trouble sleeping, as your brain will associate that space with thinking or 2) you will get sleepy while working, since your brain already associates that place with sleep. In either case, both are unproductive.
  • Find a place in your home that can be designated as your special work space. Whether it's a desk or the kitchen table, it should be a space that is comfortable, but isn't too comfortable. Even if you're working from home, getting dressed in the morning is crucial to hitting the “start” button for your day. Therefore, the space you chose should be efficient for your needs, but not a place where you are normally lounging in your pajamas (like the couch).


If you're working in a stale environment…

If you are working in an atmosphere that is usually associated with “corporate life” — aka suits, central AC, permanently shut windows, fluorescent and harsh artificial lighting — it can be a little more difficult to get those “aha!” moments for your blog. In a cubicle setting type of job, it's likely you are spending more time in your office than in your home, but if you get a little creative with your space, you'd be surprise of the results.

  • A little feng shui can go a long way. The way you position your desk, for instance, can make a difference in how you feel. Typically, it's bad to have your back to the entrance since it's natural to have a constant “looking over your shoulder” feeling when in that position.
  • If your space is drab gray square, add a little bit of color to brighten the mood. According to feng shui, colors can boost your mental health, especially light blues, earthy greens, and bold purples.
  • Along the lines of mental health, if your desk is messy, it's most likely your mind will be a mess as well. Keeping papers, notes, and accessories organized and neat eliminates distractions.
  • Furthermore, adding natural elements, such as plants and water can also boost your mental capacity by bringing “positive energy” into your space.


How to fight afternoon fatigue with your work space…

  • Research shows working in an environment with natural sunlight enhances productivity and concentration. If you're space is windowless, using a desk lamp with a full-spectrum lightbulb to simulate natural light.
  • You know that 4 p.m. craving for a snack you have everyday? It might actually be from dehydration. Next time your brain feels a bit foggy, guzzle down some water (and always keep fresh water at your desk). It's likely your energy levels will be boosted again.


How to keep healthy in your environment…

It's not uncommon to get aches and pains from sitting and typing all day. Here are a few solutions to the typical physical woes of working all day:

  • Adjust your chair's settings so the the angle between your back and legs is 90 degrees or less. This allows better rotation for your hip flexors.
  • Regular stretching involving low lunges can also release tension in your hips and hamstrings, preventing tendentious and back pain.
  • Women are three times more likely to develope Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than men, so look into ergonomic keyboards and give yourself short breaks in between typing.


What do you do to keep yourself creatively stimulated and motivated while working on your blog?

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15 Responses

  1. Bianca

    Great tips! if fashion bloggers aren’t following fib, they are really missing out. My biggest challenge is finding the motivation to write my own blog after a long day of writing for work.

  2. Toni Styles

    Fantastic post! I try to take as many breaks as possible, just to walk around the house, maybe go outside for a bit – my desk however is a mess and I don’t have a proper chair – I use a sofa chair lol. Albeit, this is such a timely post for me; I really do need to organise a more efficient space for blogging.

    Thank you so much for the tips! xo <3

  3. Rachelle Porsenna

    Very good tips, to stay motivated after work I do good workout by the time I get home I’m full of energy so I just take a shower and spend about two hours working on the next day post. Since I’m a fashion blogger it is needless to say that I have a lot of clothes and shoes. So this weekend I picked up some extra storage at Ikea. So that my clothes and shoes can be better organized and not so cluttered. For example I got an under-bed storage for all my boots and another for all my fancy dresses. Now my closet is nicely arranged and I can clearly see all my pieces.

  4. Linda

    I recently started working out of a shared office space aka “coworking.” It’s easier for me to be productive when my bed isn’t calling at me at from across the room!

  5. Rachel

    Working from bed has never worked out for me. I have a huge bulletin board above my desk, that I’m constantly putting inspirational/pictures quotes on, and replacing the old….it seems like a small detail, but I think it keeps me inspired!

  6. Bevin Valentine

    Agreed! Once I moved my blogging “office” from the couch to a desk space I set up in the spare room, I felt much more professional. Sitting on the couch for hours, even if I was editing photos, writing a post, etc. felt lazy, and there was no transition to relaxing couch time (evening movie or tv). Setting up a little office space in an unused room created a separate work space from my living space, and I was able to create a sweet space that I enjoy going to.


  7. Yazmina from Girl with a Banjo

    You are totally right. For me, turning my blogging space into an office meant that I was totally into a Full-time blogging job. It even changed the way I am dressed every morning to blog!! Such a business woman!
    In fact, I was so inspired that I created a section in my blog called “The Blogger’s Desk” where I feature a blogger every week and they tell me what inspires them from their desks! It is great to see what moves people :)!

    Blogger’s Desk section:

  8. Nancie

    I’m that girl who works from the bed…last week I was just thinking that this might be the reason of my declining blogging productivity. You have raised some good points and I can totally relate. Its time for a change.
    Thank you.

  9. mancunianvintage

    Just came across this post and it certainly hit home.

    I’m with Bianca on this one, I find it really hard fitting in my blogging around work, throw in a bit of illness and it messes up the old routine.

    All i would say is – definitely don’t write from bed – bed’s for wearing slouchy clothes and sleeping – getting dressed, doing hair my and make-up gets me in proper ‘blogger mode’.

    Helen (

  10. Ana

    ‘If you’re using your bed space for “work” it could possibly cause two reactions: 1) You will have trouble sleeping, as your brain will associate that space with thinking or 2) you will get sleepy while working, since your brain already associates that place with sleep. In either case, both are unproductive.’
    This is so, so true.

  11. Irina Bezdezhsky

    Great post, not just for bloggers, but for anyone who works full time from home.

  12. Mishka

    Amazing tips. Each of these could be fleshed out into a whole article because these are such huge issues for so many bloggers when it comes to staying creative and alive! Especially love the tip re: getting dressed in the morning, even if you’re working from home. That mental switch is crucial.