IFB’s Gadget Of The Week: Olloclip iPhone 4/4S 3-in-1 Lens

Happy Tuesday! We're testing out a new feature on IFB, where we introduce you all to some cool-meets-fashionable gadgets. Everything we feature will be geared towards the stylish blogger who's tech-savvy, too!

The Gadget: Olloclip iPhone 4/4S 3-in-1 Lens System

The cost: $69.99

What it does: It's a quick-connect lens that has macro, fish-eye and wide-angle lens capabilities in one little piece, small enough to fit in your pocket (or chic little party clutch). It clips right onto your iPhone and easily switches between the 3 lens options. For a quick little video explanation and demonstration of how it works, check out this video, and for a review (with a strong southern accent), this video review is rather in-depth.

Fish Eye:



Why we picked it: It pretty much goes without saying that as bloggers, we're hardly ever without our mobile phones – and for many of us that means an iPhone. We use it to snap photos all the time and everywhere – and carrying our DSLR isn't always convenient. A compact lens clip-on that allows you to take high quality, close-up images is perfect for press previews, showroom visits and creative blog-worthy shots, too! (It's also great for shooting video.)

The bummers: You have to remove your case to use the lens, and it doesn't work on the forward-facing camera (sorry, no macro-selfies!). We also couldn't find any info about how it works with the flash, but it's probably best used when a flash isn't needed.

Would you invest in a clip-on lens for your iPhone?

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[Image credits: All from Olloclip]

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2 Responses

  1. molly @ still being molly

    I have an olloclip and I LOVEEEEE it! It’s so much fun to play with. I don’t love the wide angle lens (I honestly don’t see a difference and have done a comparison) but the macro lens and the fish-eye are amazing.