Morning Fashion News Round Up: Terry Richardson Shoots Oprah For Harper’s Bazaar

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hamming it up together while hosting the Golden Globes together this season. [Vulture]

Victoria's Secret “fantasy bra” (it's worth $2.5 million) was accidentally leaked. [Page Six]

Here's 25 Halloween costumes that will get you some sexy time. [Complex]

Larry Leight, Oliver People's co-founder, knows how to a statement with frames. [WSJ]

PlayAPI, a new digital start up is designed to “become a self-service platform for brands to manage feeds of content, product and social data; build apps (with an emphasis on games and gaming mechanics, like badges and leaderboards); and analyze data collected through those apps.” Get your ramification on. [Mashable]

Sometimes girls just don't know more about clothes… [Complex]

Oprah gets Terry Richardson-ified. I'd never thought I'd see the day. [Fashionista]

The internet isn't playing nice with tonight's presidential debate moderator, Candy Crowley. [The Cut]

Reddit's number one troll, Violentacrez, was revealed by Gawker last week. He then lost his IRL job and is now accepting paypal donations from his internet fans. (Welcome to the underbelly of the internet.) [Gawker]

[Photo by Terry Richardson]

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3 Responses

  1. snowblackblog

    Nice photo !!! Is it wierd to say she looks different with her eyes closed ? I guess I’m used to all her O Magazine covers where she is wide-eyed and smiling 😉

  2. AFORI by Awasum

    I love Oprah and this simple shot is sublime. She does look at peace, while being uber glam.