Photoshop Adjustments: Make Your Photos Pop in 2 Clicks

Photoshop is a great tool to edit photos, but there are so many features it's easy to get lost. I had been using Photoshop for year tinkering around with Levels, Color Balance, and other tools but this often ate up my editing time. One day I happened upon the Adjustments window, which even my husband, an avid long-time Photoshop user hadn't really used before. This window has a lot of features that with one click you can access preset curves, filters, and even adjust your photos by hand. What's even better, is that each “Adjustment” is it's own layer, so if you over process, you can just delete the layer, or hide it for later.  I've been impressed with the way it's made my images pop, and even more impressed with the speed it takes to edit photos these days. So, here I'll show you how to use the Adjustments window to amp up your pics.

Step 1: The Adjustments window can be found under the Windows Menu

Step 2: Adjust Curves

Adjusting Curves in the past used to be a pain, I could never really quite get them right. Here the Adjustments window has several curves you can choose from. I generally stick with the “Increase Contrast” option.

Step 3: Warming and Cooling Filters

Often times if you photograph in the shade the photos come out too cool and they need a bit of warming up. Or say, you take photos indoors and the photos are way too orangey, then they'll need a cooling filter. The Filter option is the icon with the little camera on it, so it's easy to find.  It's not like the filters on Instagram, so it won't dramatically change your pics, just give them a bit of something special.


Play around!

You don't have to use these exact steps, with the number of options in the Adjustments window you have limitless opportunities to bring more life to your photos. Play around, experiment, just remember which ones you like so when it comes to editing your photos, it'll streamline the process so you can spend more time blogging.


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  1. Denysia Yu

    I’ve never used the adjustment window before, but now I’m planning on checking it out! Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Kelsey Elisabeth Benedict

    Photobucket has all these features and is free; so I use Photobucket. Then my photos are accesible anywhere, from an computer.

  3. Celina Bonifacio

    I’m really new to digital photography and photo editing and this has help tremendously! Great article, thanks a ton.