Fashion News Round Up: Nick Wooster Goes To Tumblr For Inspiration

Get your daily dose of what's going on in fashion news today here in the fashion news round up.

  • “With an estimated 50,000 fashion bloggers setting up daily, Ms Griffin is not alone in seeing long-term viability in a sector whose biggest stars started out as late-night hobbyists from teenage bedrooms.’ Blogging is a seriously successful industry that is now attracting serious and successful people,’ says Yuli Ziv, chief executive of Style Coalition.” [FT]
  • While it may seem like everyone and their mother is on social media, apparently nearly a quarter of global companies still have no social media plan. [WWD]
  • Where does Nick Wooster, the menswear authority, go for inspirtation? “Tumblr, The Fancy, and Pinterest are all really going to change how we look at things. I’m really interested in how publishing and retail might work together.”  [BoF]
  • Sophia Amoruso called out Forever 21 for copping her magazine style via Twitter. ohhhh shooooot. [Racked]
  • So how will Mitt Romney help fix the pay inequality for women in the workplace? Well, I mean, he has binders of women. [The Cut]
  • And while we are on the topic of Mitt Romeny, apparently “binders” and “pension” were two favorite words on Twitter from last night's presidential debate. Heh heh. [Mashable]
  • Skip the Vogue and Elle this time around. Here's some niche magazines you may have never heard of. [The Cut]
  • Check out a teaser for Rock Center with Brian Williams featuring Tory Burch, where she will chat about how she “made it”  with her business. [Racked]
  • “I don’t mean to sound snobbish and full of myself, but honestly, the speed of which Weibo became commercialized is very scary…it’s really worrisome as I realize it’s become a garbage dump, a zero-sum game played up by marketers — a cesspool where companies pay for vicious attacks on their competitors. It’s really a shame how a good thing can quickly turn bad in China. So watch out.” [WWD]

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