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One of my favorite trends to watch emerge in the fashion blogging community is the growth of variety in content. I know it's not really like this, but in my head, I imagine that it's like making friends: the more time we spend together, the more we get to know each other, the more we feel comfortable revealing about ourselves and our lives.

If that theory were true, it seems like we're all getting to know each other rather well, wouldn't you say? Heavy-hitter fashion-meets-lifestyle blogs like Oh Joy! and Cupcakes & Cashmere have had this mix down for a long time, but it's fair game for anyone! So how can you get in on this trend and let your readers get to know another side (or two, or three) of your life? I think there are 5 big categories you can turn to for lifestyle content that will add depth and personality to your fashion blog.

Recipes & Cooking

I am always in awe of people who cook frequently. If you're one of those people, hats off to you, seriously. If you're one of those people and you're a fashion blogger – share it! Why not dress up for a fall picnic, photography your look and then share your killer recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds? I think Sam of Could I Have That does a great job incorporating cooking elements (and more) into her content – like this recipe for apple chips. To keep continuity on your site, you can try using seasonal recipes or tailoring them to holidays as well, which could align nicely with your fashion content.

Decor & Gardening

Maybe you're in the midst of a remodel, maybe you've decided to paint your living room mint green and replace your kitchen table. If you feel comfortable sharing your private space, why not let your readers in on how you make yourself feel at home? Or, share inspiring editorials that influence your own aesthetics, from places like ELLE Decor and Architectural Digest.

Art & Design

So much of what influences fashion designers comes from the art and design worlds, so why shouldn't they influence your personal style and blog? Don't force it, obviously, but if you have a sweet spot for Manet, Monet, Gaudi, and Getty – they probably influence your style more than you realize. Make a collage of paintings with your favorite fall color trends. Contrast the lines of your local Capital building to Martin Margiela's latest collection. Twist and tinker with your inspirations to find something that resonates with you and it will surely inspire your readers as well.

Books, Movies & Music

These elements are so easy to incorporate with your fashion content – especially in short, snappy little posts that can serve as filler on slow content days or the weekends. I post a new song every week on my blog, but there are so many other ways to integrate your cinematic and literary tastes into your site. Create a winter shopping collage inspired by the costumes in Love Story. Compile a list of your 10 favorite, most stylish films. Review a book once a month on Sundays. Make playlists to fit a certain event or season – the possibilities are truly endless.

Health & Fitness

This might be the most personal direction you can go with lifestyle content (besides probably pregnancy and motherhood). If you feel comfortable sharing these tips, you'll probably find your readers incredibly receptive. They're already coming to your site because they trust your opinions, and would probably admire (and be inspired by) your health and fitness tips, if you have them. Maybe you're a CrossFit kid like Taylor from Sterling Style (above) or a serious yogi, or maybe you take a vigorous weekly walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. If fitness and healthy living is a big part of your life, it may really impact your community and followers as well.

There are two big, golden keys to great lifestyle content: The first, just like great fashion content, is the visuals. Whether you're shooting your cooking adventures in the kitchen as they happen, or using gorgeous inspiring interiors from Architectural Digest, make sure they're big, clear, and properly credited! The second, is relevance. The lifestyle elements you incorporate should be relevant to your life as well as the lifestyle of your readers, and timely.

Do you like fashion blogs that incorporate lifestyle content as well, or do you prefer a more specific niche?


[Image credits: Could I Have That; ELLE Decor; Time is Art; shut up, i love that shirt on you; and Sterling Style.

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  1. Meaghan

    I am one of those that cooks too, and I definitely incorporate it into my blog. My tagline is – I blog about the sweet things in the oldest city: Fashion & Dessert.
    I’m definitely drawn to blogs that do the same.

  2. Daniel

    I have actually been thinking about incorporating some lifestyle content into my blog. I’ve seen some great blogs that incorporate content from where they’ve been to a great restaurant or an art gallery, and I want in on that!

    Another great post, Taylor!

  3. Tania

    i love it when fashion bloggers post food/home design porn. when you get to know a person through their blog its great to see some other snippets of their life too. i follow some bloggers on instagram solely for the beautiful food pics they post! but i get pretty tired of seeing pictures of macarons all the time. especially with those same little fake bokeh dots. you would think that some fashion bloggers eat ONLY macarons ALL THE TIME.

  4. Noha Rahhal

    Recently, I’ve been trying to add some lifestyle posts and was surprised that people are actually interested in such posts…. great article Taylor!

    It would be great if you drop by my blog and tell me what you think;


  5. Molen

    I adore to share my experience travelling and behind the scene at the fashion weeks I assisted, πŸ™‚

  6. Vivian

    Uuuh soft spot! It really annoys me when people is talking about recipes or how to whiten your nails on a *fashion* blog. I’m there for a reason, and all I want to see on that kind of blog is “visual” stuff.
    I love motivational, inspirational and self-fullfilment posts, though. But who doesn’t? It’s not about if you like cooking or not, I think everybody wants to achieve something in his/her life!
    So I don’t mind when people share pieces of their life, but they must be relevant. Beautiful pictures, landscapes and so on are ok, but really, we don’t care about how you decorated your new born child’s room. There are mommys blogs for that! It’s useless talking about niches when some blogs are so wide about their topic! It’s not always a good thing, and sorry I didn’t mean to be rude haha!

    • Kylie

      I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I also happen to have a child who is a big part of my lifestyle.

      It does still feel that you should either be a fashion blogger or a mummy blogger if you are with child and and never the twain shall meet. It is so black and white. And to be honest, I really don’t have the time to juggle 2 blogs.

      I think the message I am trying to put across on my blog, is you can be a mother (if you choose to be one), but you can also be ‘you’. Work hard and play hard. Maybe that is my niche as woman usually have one or the other. I do not try to overload my content with kiddy pics as I know a huge majority of my readers don’t have children or want them, but I think it is nice to include it every now an again for the readers that do have children and would be interested in that content.

      Looking at the stats my kiddy posts are roughly the same as an outfit post, so I know it isn’t an issue for me. What I do see a dip in is fashion week posts as they are not personal enough.

      If you pick up a magazine you are very rarely going to read it from front to back and sometimes you just need to flick over the page if you enjoy the magazine.

      • fabiana

        I agree and relate to your comment Kylie, there’s a variety of topics in a fashion magazine and people often just read what they are interested in. As for blogging, I am 32, doing it for a year now, planning to have a baby soon and don’t see myself quitting or running 2 different blogs.
        I believe either will get new readers because of that and the current ones will also appreciate being part of the new stage in my life or they will simply move on to some other blog they can relate to, which is far enough.
        Lovely blog, by the way!

      • Kylie

        Thanks so much, I just had a little look around your fab blog too. You look more 22 not 32! Please tell me your secret πŸ™‚

        You can’t please all the people all the time I say. Good luck with your future plans x

      • Hey Mishka

        Kylie, just wanted to say I think your blog is amazing! xo

  7. Rachel

    I write a blog that is a fashion blog as a minor part, and a lifestyle blog as its main story, so while I do read quite a few fashion blogs, quite a few food blogs, the mix of lifestyle is always my favourite. I tried a gardening style post over the Summer and it fell a bit flat on its face, but my food features are among the most popular on my blog. Recipes do quite well, but my most popular feature on the whole blog is ‘Places To Eat In London’, my restaurant photos and review posts.

  8. Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in...Australia

    I definitely read and engage more with blogs that have varied content, lifestyle blogs that incorporate fashion are by far my favorite. I feel you can engage more with these bloggers and they’re looking more for a community and interaction.

  9. Wil Harris

    I like a combination of a fashion blog and a niche blog, but (oh, the infamous but) you’ve got to make it something you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate about it then your readers will be able to see that and enjoy it. It’s nice to see how other bloggers live and it’s also a brave move. Sharing your personal life with strangers is hard to do.

  10. Renee | Beauty Fool

    Thanks for the great ideas! I have a beauty blog, but slowly and surely it’s also starting to become a lifestyle blog, which I love – I like it to mix once in awhile, as well! One topic all the time can get a little bit boring after awhile!

    x Renee

  11. JacquelineJax

    I actually agree and Love all the ideas in your post. If we just think outside of the usual post, you can really make things more interesting. I always love it when a reader re-blogs one of my posts. I know I’m doing something right.

  12. Maya

    As an architecture student I’m always looking at buildings as well so I always try to mix up my personal style with posts from architecture (my own work, buildings I find inspiring and have visited,…) but I also post other stuff like travels, events I visited. So I guess my blog is one big reflection on what I’m doing in my daily life too. I’ve only started recently but I’m so addicted to blogging already and there are definitely some great tips about other lifestyle stuff in this article too πŸ˜€ Must try them soon! If anybody is interested you can find my blog at:

  13. Hannah Gorman at

    i just created a new website to move my already established fashion blog into a magazine style webpage. I ummm and errrdd for months on weather to do this thinking moving from a niche could destroy my blog, but this article set my mind to rest so thank you.

    Its still under construction but check out the new page at

    Hannah x x

  14. Jaimie

    I actually prefer blogs which do have some lifestyle content. I think it makes you feel a little more connected with the person and it gives the blog more character. It can also spark a greater interest/bond if you too do the same activity as what the person is blogging about. I think the connection is what high end magazines/websites are missing and that is now why fashion bloggers are being featured more and more across the industry. It’s much more easier to relate to the girl next door than the super model on the catwalk.

  15. Tenelle

    Great article. This is exactly what I’m trying to do with my blog. When I first considered blogging, I had no idea what “niche” it would fit into but I don’t let it bother me anymore. As long as I believe in what I’m writing and post the best quality content that I can, that’s what matters to me πŸ™‚

  16. Lola Zabeth

    Great post! My blog began with a very narrow focus on beauty. I began sprinkling in bits of lifestyle content and it’s provided the opportunity to share my broader interests. Also, I have seen my audience diversify, which I love.
    Great tips!

  17. Bree

    I love when blogs mix it up, I always try to mix my blog up – keep some lifestyle in my blog because that’s what it started out as!

  18. Devon

    Being able to share the way that my love of art and culture intersects with my love of fashion is one of the main reasons why I started my site.
    I think I just got really tired of saying “Oh! Doesn’t X remind you of Y?” and having people stare at me blankly…

    Looking forward to finding an audience to share the dialog with!

  19. Nikki

    I love blogs that do fashion and some lifestyle. I don’t want to be a lifestyle blogger- I am primarily focused on fashion- but I do think that things like decorating, etc can all be apart of fashion. Plus when you do some lifestyle posts, you get to know the blogger better. There are a few fashion blogs that I wish did more lifestyle just to know them a little better

  20. Ana

    Blogs with a specific theme do better, and that’s a major point I’m struggling with – if a 100 people would follow a fashion blog and another 100 would follow a cooking blog… that audience for a fashion & cooking blog is not 200, but just the overlap, which may even be less than the imaginary starting 100. If you then add something else to the mix, finding a follower whose interests overlap in just the right way gets even harder.
    (I was surprise how *mean* some followers can get when a blog starts to branch out into new thing, even if the new branches are very closely related to the old content.)

  21. Ruta R

    I definitely do love when people do this. Especially when they post travel photos. Those are the best! In general I think it’s really amazing to be able to see these snippets into other people’s lives, especially people who are similar to you. Such a great experience.

  22. Jean of all Trades

    Great post. I titled my blog Jean of all Trades so I could cover other things (and I call it a style blog to keep a theme). I enjoy style in clothing, art, achitecture, decor, and I showcase all of if. Fashion is the main category, but a few times a month I branch out. My non-fashion posts seem to appeal to a wider audience and are well received.

    I’m glad to read in the comments that others are doing this and/or enjoy other blogs that do it. I know there’s merit in finding a niche, but I find so many things interesting that I can’t narrow it down.

  23. Holly Mackenzie Cupp

    As a mom of 5 and a wife with many hobbies I have found it more difficult over the past year especially to NOT blog about everything else in my life which totally screwed with the amount of content I was posting. I’ve switched up my blog over the past couple of months to include aspects of my life as a mom and wife while keeping a sole basis on fashion and beauty. I’ll write about my day in an outfit post for example. I want my blog to be something I look forward to keeping up with on a consistent basis, incorporating lifestyle content was just the change that I needed to bring back my motivation. I enjoy reading blogs of various niches.

  24. Emily Ulrich

    I love when blogs expand beyond their general content. My favorite is with recipes–and I’m such a baker myself, I’ve been wanting to include some of my baking into my blog content.

  25. Marlene @ chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I’ve actually started off more lifestyle and ventured into fashion when my interest grew. I’ve got the attention span of a gnat. Or mosquito. Or whichever insect that fits my profile. I flit from topic to topic. I’d probably bore everyone to death including myself if I talk about fashion all the time.

    I’m a mom, shutterbug, love to cook and bake, travel and am addicted to French designers so I just incorporate everything into my blog. I wouldn’t dare to include any gardening bits because I’m also known (amongst friends and family) to be a plant killer. I’m far more effective than pesticide.

  26. Elena

    I love to share my cooking experience and DIY with my readers! First of all, I can connect with people with different interests; and second, I can’t post outfit pictures every single day (wish I had bigger closet :))

  27. Krista Peck

    I started out w/ a niche blog 5 years ago and found myself getting bored. A couple blogs later, I found the right balance for me, which I call lifestyle, but incorporates fashion, beauty, wellness, and small business. I think it’s important to evolve and be open to walking down the path that your blog & surrounding inspiration takes you..

  28. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    This is a great article, thanks for sharing! I set my “fashion blog” up as a lifestyle blog despite the fact that 90% of the posts are fashion related. I try to keep it on a schedule though so that if followers are only interested in one thing or the other, they know where to look & when to tune in. Saturdays are always health related or a recipe post and Sundays I do a link round up that’s divided into fashion or health & fitness. And since I created my Instagram account with my daily life in mind, it’s about 75% related to workouts, food, and misc. daily life photos, and only ~25% related to fashion or posts that are on the blog.