Match Point: Know Your Niche To Find The Right Partners


As we all know, many blogs aren't strictly defined by one niche. In the same way your closet might be a hodge-podge of vintage steals, contemporary buys and high-end splurges, your blog content can span the same range. While you don't have to limit your content, it can help you target specific, loyal readers as well as advertisers. It will also help you align yourself with the right affiliate networks and programs to maximize your monetization potential. Where do your readers like to shop? What are they likely to click on?

Trial-and-error is part of the game with monetizing your blog, so you'll likely have to test out different methods, partners and strategies. To get you started, we broke down some of the most common types of fashion blogs, giving a few examples and then listed advertising partners and affiliate networks used by these blogs. Most affiliate programs have a page with their listed clients to help you understand if their network is right for your blog. (To learn more about choosing affiliate networks, check out this post.)

Vintage & Indie


High-End Personal Style

Contemporary Personal Style


Plus Size & Curvy





These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you found some great, blogger-friendly brands to partner with recently? Share your best leads and experiences in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Well, there are not any over here and the concept of paying for things or partnering with a blogger is relatively new to them as they are used to trade by barter system. Unfortunately I work in an advertising industry and so I know that what I provide is very valuable so I am not ready to settle for anything less.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Erica B.

    I’m a DIY style blogger and I have a great partnership with Mood Fabrics. There is definitely something for everyone out there.

  3. Bree

    I am a personal style blogger with hints of beauty and lifestyle tied into it. I really appreciate this post, very interesting to see which advertisers suit each category.

  4. cassaundra

    I am a children’s personal style blogger. I take pictures of my own little girl each week and what SHE is wearing. i also have a feature mama style every week.
    I am just starting out with my blog and this whole site is so helpful for me.
    thank you!