Newsweek Says Good Bye To Print Publishing: Will Fashion Soon Follow?

In a move that will seriously predict the future of the magazine publishing industry (not just in news, but in other categories, like fashion!) Newsweek has nixed their print subscriptions completely, opting for an online-only approach.

Starting in 2013, the 80-year-old publication will adopt a digital-only platform, leaving Time as one of the last major news weeklies publishing in print (U.S. News & World Report dropped their print subscriptions two years ago). It's been reported that the crossover was due to low ad sales, along with the high cost of postage and paper.

But what about the ever-traditional fashion magazine publishing business — who will be the first to go all digital?

Rumors have swarmed around Lucky‘s digital turnover for years, but officially, it looks like it will be in print for a while longer. Harper's Bazaar seems to have a strong arm on Pinterest, and Marie Claire was recently heralded for their iPad initiatives.

Who do you think will be the first to go fully digital? Any predictions?

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11 Responses

  1. Kashara of Undiscovered Worth

    It’s so hard to say! I honestly can’t imagine a time where publications will be completely digital. I’m still excited nonetheless 🙂

  2. France's O.

    I will predict Lucky. My opinion perhaps the whole lucky blogger contributor community can be a stepping stone into becoming more digital especially getting the knowledge of bloggers who own the digital world with gaining their own followers.

    Just guessing;)
    Frances O.

  3. Helen

    considering how much is already available online, it doesn’t surprise me, especially with the internet being so accessable these days as well, you can see that by looking at the members of this site alone!

  4. Orla Barrett

    I don’t think any of the major fashion publications will go “all digital” anytime soon. Yes, the World is evolving but, when there’s money to be made in print they will stay in production. Most online versions of the magazines are quite complicated to navigate through e.g. Vogue’s website. Also the content online publications publish is usually a snippet/teaser of articles from the hard copy. I really hope print doesn’t die out anytime soon-it would be a tradition lost.

  5. Tatenda

    It sounds like a detrimental aspect for some aspects esp of magazines because Inspiration boards from cut outs will need one to download. Even reading magazines can’t read two at one time.. No more piling. Another thing is what happens with promo material like Summer bags, Sunglasses, Makeup Roll on…Freebies. Or the perfume advert with a section to smell the fragrance or feel the texture of sample foundation?

  6. Rita

    Honestly, mags like Vogue and such are an absolute waste of trees. Wished they’d go first but unlikely. They’re not that forward!

  7. Kholá

    I don’t see fashion mags going anywhere. I personally like a paper magazine in my hands. Call me old school.

  8. Lady B

    As much as I appreciate the impact of digital and social media on the fashion industry and how it gave the ‘everyday Joe/Joanna a voice’ and bla bla. It was print fashion that got me into this industry and made me give up law to pursue fashion editorial work. To me, nothing can beat looking at front covers in a news stand trying to pick your favourite, holding a mag, the smell, flicking through the pages, sticking the inspirational/aspirational pages on your wall etc etc etc. It’s an experience unto itself which I hope is never replaced entirely.

  9. Ruta R

    If everything went digital I would sit in my room crying days on end. I love the feel of the actual magazine or getting the ink to rub off on my fingers when reading a newspaper. It’d be so sad if everything suddenly went entirely modern.

    Maybe some time in the future everything will be digital, but as long as there are many people who purchase the hard copy versions of everything, I believe digital won’t be taking over everything in its entirety.