5 Easy Ways To Make Your Small Blogging Community Count

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Here at IFB, we do our best to include speak to our global community. This can prove difficult when we are based in New York, with only a small local team. But whether your in Nigeria, New Zealand, or North Dakota, you too can start your own small fashion blogging group within the larger global community.

While IFB can't speak to every single specific community (there's just too many!), you can take your own initiatives to create unity with other local bloggers. Sure, you may not live in Paris or LA, but use your resources to your advantage to build your own small hub for support that's not just on the internet, but off.

So what happens if your blogging from an area that's not considered a “hub” for fashion bloggers? It may be difficult to feel like you are part of the bigger picture (the digital age of fashion!). So how do you create a community, and more importantly, how can you make it count?


  • The first step is finding the bloggers that are in your area. How? Well, one easy way is by using our forums. Another way is by using specific Google searches, or searching through our community pages.
  • Once you locate a few in your vicinity, don't be afraid reach out to them. There's two approaches to this: 1) through social media or 2) through email. Bloggers tend to have their contact information readily available on their sites, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find.
  • Next, organize the blogger meet up. If there's only two of you, grab a coffee or lunch to chat. If there's a group of you, think about putting together a small gathering. Make sure everyone is introduced to one another and feels comfortable. Also, think about picking a location that's quiet, or quiet enough that everyone can get to know each other.
  • After you have have a few bloggers together and have become comfortable with one another, start strategizing what marketing initiatives you want to tackle, what local brands or shops you may want to work with, and how, as a team, you want to work with them. Maybe you could help put an event together for them at a local boutique? Perhaps you could organize a runway show? Or all take photos together and do content marketing as a group? Conjure up a few possibilities, as well as what you want out of it (i.e. is it for exposure for your blogs? to form a stronger local blogging community? for pay?).  Present yourselves as a package, be flexible, and make it easy for a brand to say “yes.”
  • Help your community grow. Once you start building up a portfolio as a group, continue you to work with your community. Maybe eventually you will want to do a weekly meet up, or send a monthly newsletter. Reach out to new bloggers in your area, and continue to stay open minded to business opportunities as a team.

Have you ever organized a blogger meet up in your local area? Would you be interested in trying? Do you think it would be beneficial?

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33 Responses

  1. Nikki

    I would love to find some bloggers in my area!! I just moved to Jackson, MS and I don’t know anyone to begin with! So meeting some like minded people would be so awesome. I have also been wanting to chat with other bloggers about things like growth, goals, etc. so local blog meet ups would be so fun!

  2. Stephanie

    I really wish I could find fashion bloggers in my area, but I’m almost convinced that I’m the only one! Albany, NY isn’t really a fashion capital but I am fairly close to New York City (3-hour bus ride). So, should I look to meeting up with NYC bloggers instead?

    I’d love to meet some in Albany. It’d be so much easier.

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

    • Danielle

      Hi Stephanie! I stumbled across this forum while researching some info on becoming a fashion blogger. I am also in the Albany area….but just like yourself, feel that Albany is not the pinnacle of the fashion industry! I love all fashion and want to get more involved with it. If you’re interested in meeting up or collaborating of some sort, let me know!

  3. Jill

    I was feeling like there were no bloggers around my area too (greater Grand Rapids, Michigan) but when I briefly mentioned that I would love to have a blogger meet up in my area on my blog, quite a few came out of the woodwork! I knew of just two or three gals, emailed them and then posted a formal invitation out to a restaurant nearby. I thought maybe we would have 5 or 6 of us, but 13 of us showed up for an amazing evening of getting to know one another and eating delicious food! A lot of us were different genres of blogging, but it was great fun… I don’t know where it will go next, but I started a little blog for it… in case some day I would like to expand the project to other communities!

    I blog at http://goodlifeforless.blogspot.com but maybe check out The Blogger Social blog to see if there are other bloggers near you! the site is http://thebloggersocial.blogspot.com

  4. Alexa

    I’m a video blogger with a larger following on youtube and a small following on my blog. I live in Montreal, Canada.
    I’ve tried to connect with a few in my community, one was a makeup artist video blogger, but she moved to a different city this past summer. The other was always late for meet ups and we didn’t mesh well at all! The whole idea was unproductive, but I live and learn. Other video bloggers in my community are either much smaller, do not have a steady schedule for blogging or are invisible. Not all video blogger disclose their location, like I do, which makes them difficult to find.
    There are regular bloggers too, a handful of them which are prominent in my area (they go to NYFW etc..), but I feel like I’m not in the same ‘realm’ as them. Video blogging is very different from regular blogging.
    I still have a lot to figure out…

    • Devon - InformedStyle.com

      Hi Alexa!

      Greetings from a fellow Montreal blogger!
      I haven’t found the community to be very large here – but that may be because I’m hesitant to network en français…

  5. Ceri

    Fantastic post! I have quite recently started an Ethical Fashion Bloggers community for bloggers who love vintage, second hand, upcycling, sustainable and ethical fashion. I will definitely be using your tips to try and build the community.

  6. Buki

    This is a very helpful post to read since I moved from NYC to Northern VA! I especially like the pointers you gave about meet-ups and connecting to a community. Thanks for the valuable tips!

  7. Diana

    I have been thinking about this for such a long time, and finally organised a LONDON FASHION BLOGGER meet up! Thanks to you guys!!
    So all interested, shout out on twitter @LDNbloggers for more details!
    I heart IFB!! xx

  8. Frugal Flirty N Fab!

    Very interested in starting a local get up in my area but Im not sure where to begin. I live in the South Florida area. Great Post!

  9. Ais

    Copenhagen, Denmark. I know a couple other bloggers in the area–okay, well, I’ve introduced myself at least; but they know each other quite well and I’m a little leery of trying to wedge myself into their group. I feel like I’m invading a bit, which isn’t fun. Any others out there looking to network?

  10. Iesha

    it’s hard to find other fashion bloggers as well in my area. i live in the FL panhandle and i haven’t seen too many ppl into fashion! i need to find them!

  11. Dazzlin Sana

    I am from Pakistan! I doubt there are many bloggers from Pakistan, if any.
    If you are one, hit me up! 😀
    Sana xx

  12. Miss Elisa K.

    This is so dope how everyone is connecting due to this one post. I am a Philly blogger! Any takers 😉

  13. Jayde

    I just recently started blogging and I’m in Virginia Beach, Virginia! I love everything about fashion and I would love to hear from others who do too!

  14. Daniela

    Hey… I was just reading this post..

    I was looking around for bloggers in my area since liek 2 months and I did not find one.. maybe there are bloggers from Austria here (Vienna, Graz)

    xoxo, Daniela


  15. Khadijah Davis

    Hey, this is a very helpful post I live in Virginia and its seems hard connecting with other bloggers in my area Va beach.
    I would love to connect with other fashion bloggers.