Hey Baby, What’s Your Twitter Handle? And 10 Other Fashion Blogger Pickup Lines

Wanna date a fashion blogger? Who wouldn't? They smell nice and wash their hair.

Don't worry, we're here to help. Just consult our list of 11 pickup lines to use on fashion bloggers and let the magic happen…

1. “Hey baby, what's your Twitter handle?”

2.  “Are those Miu Miu!?” [Yes.] “You know what sounds like Miu Miu… Me and you… together.”

3. “That faux fur vest just makes me wanna snuggle up on you.”

4. “If your overalls weren't snapped would they be on the floor? Can I unsnap them?”

5. “I'm sorry but I think there's something hiding in your drop-crotch pants, do you want me to check?”

6. “I'm a professional photographer and will take your photo for free.”

7. “I'm a graphic designer and will design your website for free.”

8. “I'm a web developer and will fix your website for free.”

9. “Ooo baby, the way you wear that mullet dress, I just can't control myself.”

10. “Press the ‘like' button if you like what you see… want to know where it is?”

11. “Are you internet famous? Me too.”

(Disclaimer: There's no guarantee these pickup lines will actually work.)

[Image credit: Shutterstock]

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20 Responses

  1. June Biswas

    Hahaha that was hilarious! I would totally talk to the professional photographer or the internet famous as long as they are from another country!

  2. Bethany Greenwood

    I hate chat up lines they’re so cheesy and for me are huge turn off! But something that annoys me more than anything else is bad grammar, do you not proof read or check your articles before you publish them, as number 4 should read ‘your’ NOT ‘you’re’.

      • Bethany Greenwood

        I missed one word in the whole post, which I have since rectified but this grammatical error is worse and not the first time they’ve done it, I was hoping that by pointing it out the author would rectify the error but unfortunately it seems to have passed her by.

      • Chelsea Burcz

        thanks for your input. but hey, nobody’s perfect. I make mistakes!

      • Tali

        As a non-native english speaker I feel truly humbled and will now concider hiring a human translator for half a day))

  3. Aily

    These are funny pickup lines. Nonetheless, it might be turn off if a guy recognize my shoes (brand). It’s a bit gayish, but that’s just me. Now 6-7-8, well there you got me! I’ll become instant stalker…

  4. in Wonder Underground

    I got the “I am a hairstylist and will style your hair for free” while walking in the Shibuya crossing. Weird because I just got a haircut 20 minutes earlier.

  5. Nathalie

    Errrmmmmm… Dumb. The only one that is vaguely interesting is the web development one. Only because I would then talk coding with them.

    • Chelsea Burcz

      It’s all in good fun — not to be taken literally. I supposed my sarcasm wasn’t obvious.

      • nathalie

        I didn’t mean for my comment to be rude, apologies. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 🙂

  6. Bree

    How ridiculous and hilarious hahah always fun to start the day with a bit of silliness.