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Ever wonder how you can create videos for your blog that are relevant and interesting? Not sure how you get video-ready, from hair to beauty to clothes? Well, we're working with Stoli to share a few tips and tricks about how you can make videos that are not only eye-catching but completely original.


How to Become a Video Vixen


Where: Use #ORGNLTV hashtag on Twitter and follow @_IFB

When: Wednesday, October 24 2012 at 3pm EST

Why: Because understanding how to become a professional both in front and behind the camera is so important to staying ahead of the trends and gaining new readers.


Below is a transcript of the chat and don't forget to brainstorm a few questions of your own so you can join the chat. We will leave open the last 10 minutes of the chat just for you so come prepared!


  • Q1: Do you currently shoot video on your blog? Or is it something that you’d like to conquer in the future? #ORGNLTV
  • Q2: If you could do any kind of video on your blog, what it would it be? Interview with a celebrity? Editor? #ORGNLTV
  • Q3: Do you get nervous when you are the one being featured in a video? Or are you a natural in front of the camera? #ORGNLTV
  • Q4: What are some ways you can boost your confidence when it’s your time to be in front of the camera? #ORGNLTV
  • Q5: Let’s talk makeup. You definitely want to look our best on-camera! How do you create a long-lasting look on-camera? #ORGNLTV
  • Q6: Many people use mobile video to share their experiences. Do you like these mobile videos or prefer higher-quality ones? #ORGNLTV
  • Q7: Which blogger is currently doing video that you are obsessed with? #ORGNLTV
  • Q8: What makes a video pop out in your eyes? Great editing? Addicting music? Vibrant graphics? #ORGNLTV
For more information about how to stay original and create content that speaks to you & your reader, be sure to read our previous Stoli posts on Graphic Design and Photography. Basically everything that you would need to make a name for yourself in the blogging community.


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