Fashion Blogging News Round Up: Why Chanel Won’t Do E-Commerce

Get your daily dose of what’s going on in fashion news today here in the fashion blogger news round up.

  • How will 3D printing help (or hurt) design? [BoF]
  • Can Uniqlo rescue middle America with e-commerce? [BusinessWeek]
  • “Blonde, white, thin Michelle Joni Lapidos admits she wore the Afro wig to work sometimes. But she swears up and down that’s not why she and her bosses at social shopping site AHALife parted ways last week.” [The Cut]
  • Wanna see official Mrs. Timberlake's (aka Jessica Biel) very pink wedding dress? Yes, you do because it's insanely adorable. [Fashionista]
  • The editors of Vogue are getting their very own HBO documentary. [Vogue UK]
  • Why Chanel won't be available online any time soon. [Independent]

[Photo Source: Greg Kessler]

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