Poll: Do You Care About Fashion Editors?

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From Sally Singer to Carine Roitfeld, Kristina O'Neill to Deborah Needleman, the fashion publishing industry experienced quite a shake up in editorial roles over the past few months. In what seems to be a continuous revolving door, the online media has ferociously covered who's going where, often updated by the minute as breaking news.

While I have a certain fascination with the pace of how the dinosaurs of traditional fashion magazines move (I mean, it's a part of my job to examine it), I wonder: why do other general readers also share this fascination of the editor carousel of who-goes-where-and-why.

Or do they? Is it just those who work in the industry who have the fascination, therefore write about it to no avail?

Would you stop reading Vogue if Anna Wintour left  for another magazine? Or is this all human nature, just juicy office gossip?

It seems like with the fashion industry, more so than other industries with publications, its readership obsesses over who is running the show. Caricatures of editors have now been created (think: Anna Dello Russo, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld) where, for some, their personalities have been overrun by their day job.

Do others care about fashion editors? Or do we as fellow (smaller) fashion editors (who may or may not want their positions) hype them up in the press, therefore causing them to be household names? Were other editors writing about Diana Vreeland as much as we write about and photograph Carine Roitfeld today?

I'm not sure what the answer is — it seems like a chicken or the egg scenario. Did we write about editors because the public was interested, or is the public interested because we wrote about editors?

Especially as bloggers, who are more concerned with self-publishing rather that working for a magazine, what do you think?


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11 Responses

  1. Molen

    Well if anna left , still Franca Sozzani, Yolanda Sacristan etc.. Condé Nast has amazing editors… And my favorite is Massimiliano Sortino from Vogue Italia . So answering the question… I dont care about it 🙂

  2. Victoria

    I care about fashion editors when they show personality and expose themselves outside of their work place. There is a reason why people know more about Carine Roitfeld and Anna Wintour than about the editors of Spanish Vogue or British Tatler for example – Carine and Anna (and many more) step outside the box and get involved in other projects outside of Vogue, for example the CR Fashion Book, and are regulars at Fashion Week by showing their own trademark look and style.
    I admire these women, as they will still be relevant even if they stop working in the journalism world.


  3. Lindsay

    People care because fashion magazine aren’t just informational brochure magazines. They are a curation of content, specifically regarding what is cutting edge. Ultimately, they choose what is being shown, and if its not shown its not really ever going to evolve into a trend.

    I mean, if you think of it on a small scale, wouldn’t you want to know the person who is picking the clothes that go into your closet?

    They are filtering out the crap for the world’s closet

  4. Tali

    Maybe I will say something that is not normal in a fashion community, but I don’t read fashion magazines. Once I did, and I’m still traumatized because of the level of articles these magazines think women should read. Men’s magazines have way higher level of articles they publish, but still, all sorts of media just feeds you with what they think you will digest.
    I like to choose my information myself, so I look up whatever I need on the net. I don’t watch tv, I don’t read news, but I do read fashion/streetstyle/editorials blogs, and IFB on regular basis.
    Therefore my answer was – no, I don’t care at all which editor works where.

  5. Paula Aquino

    Well, If those editors will leave it’s not like I’m gonna stop reading those fashion magazines but I think that they help set the fashion trend together with the well known designers. For ex. From D&G to an article from vogue promoting them to Topshop to other small online shops that has exactly the same D&G skirt with a much more affordable price. something like that.

  6. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    My first introduction to fashion was the movies I grew up with – Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly – and I didn’t learn to love fashion magazines until I become more intererested in fashion. Now Harper’s Bazaar & Elle are the bible – a la Carrie Bradshaw – and my monthly trip to the amazing newstand that carries the British, French, Italian, and Australian versions is the highlight of the month.

    That being said, I still digest the information they provide and make my own decisions, I would never blindly wear what they tell me or regurgitate their information to my readers.

    And when it comes to Fashion Editors, I adore how dramatic, eye-catching, and full of personality their street style is during Fashion Month and definitely look forward to picking them out of the line ups. But honestly, it’s the clothes and the creative way they put them together that I love – They could be random spectators on the street and I’d still adore them, so the fact that they’re fashion editors is somewhat irrelevent.

  7. The Glamorous Housewife

    I could care less about fashion editors. If Anna Wintour left Vogue I would START reading it again. Vogue has been boring for at least the past two decades. I stopped reading Bazaar, Allure, W, and so on years ago because they just bloviate about the same insipid designers. Fashion, especially high fashion, is supposed to be cutting edge, so when a 13 year old does it better than the fashion magazines (Im talking about Tavi) you KNOW something is off. I want to be INSPIRED and have been left cold by the big mags for years.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  8. Ana

    I actually find the US edition of Vogue really boring, so I guess there’s more of a chance I’d read it if Anna Wintour left. In her case, I’m more interested in her as a personality than in her work as an editor.
    + When a big tree falls in the forest, it gives a chance to the smaller ones to finally reach for the sunlight – if a big name leaves I believe a good new one will fill those high-heeled shoes.

  9. dawn

    I care about certain editors, depending on whether I like their work or their personality. for instance, I like Anna Wintour but I think American Vogue has become so boring, particularly in the past decade or so. I’d probably be more eager to buy it if they brought a new editor on. I’d like to see more editors like Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfield, Franca Sozzani, Anna Dello Russo, etc – they’re all interesting and have such flare. I’m more willing to listen to what they have to say.

  10. The Guilty Hyena

    Is it bad that I have never really read Vogue or any other fashion magazine!? my most favored resources are online. I know very little about the Anna’s of the world, the little I am aware of has compelled me to stay ignorant. 🙂