5 Easy Steps To The Ultimate DIY Post

I've always considered myself to be a crafty person. I used to hand-sew little purses for myself out of old pairs of jeans and was once a wiz at braiding embroidery thread into elaborate bracelets. Then I got into blogging. My minor skills have been utterly put to shame by the dazzling, glittering, insanely creative and not-too-difficult to follow DIY (do it yourself) projects on some of my favorite fashion blogs. Have you always wanted to create DIY content for your blog? Are you looking to fine-tune your posts and make them as shareable and pin-able as possible? Here are 5 easy steps to making your project into the ultimate blog post.

1. Make your project timely, seasonal or holiday-focused.

I SPY DIY's Katniss Costume

People love content of all kinds that's geared towards holidays or specific times of year, but this is especially true for crafts and at-home projects. Think about the season, and what kinds of home decorations, accessories or apparel treatments would lend themselves to an upcoming holiday or the time of year. Examples of this could be easy homemade Halloween costumes in October, woven friendship bracelets in the summer, hand-made holiday cards in December, or even how to make your own cut-off denim shorts in May. Aside from seasonal projects, timely can also be applied to currently popular designers or trends! Look at some of your favorite high-end designer pieces or runway trends and see how you might be able to create or re-imagine the look at home.

2. Keep your tools and supplies as basic, affordable and accessible as possible.

If you look at popular DIY blogs frequently, and love doing craft projects regularly, you may have a wealth of tools and supplies at the ready for any kind of undertaking. Odds are though, your readers may not be as DIY-savvy, so the more accessible and obtainable you can make the supplies and tools you use, the better! Obviously, every cool project can't be made using just a pair of scissors and a dream, but your readers will appreciate being able to head to their local drugstore or hobby shop and pick up the same supplies. Part of the reason that DIY blogs and projects have become so popular is how budget-friendly they are, and the way they inspire people to re-purpose items they may already own. Keep that in mind as you gather your necessities. (And when composing your post, don't forget to list out your supplies and perhaps suggest locations where they can be found or purchased.)

3. Create a mini photo studio to photograph your project (lighting, white backdrop, tripod).

The photography for your DIY post is arguable more important than the step-by-step text. Your reader will deeply appreciate having a clear visual of how their project should look with each step, and it also serves to make them feel like they are completing it right along with you.

Creating a little photo studio for your project is not difficult. Use a white sheet or table cloth as a backdrop, light the scene with a table lamp and take steady shots from different angles using a tripod. Trial-and-error will help you figure out the best set up for each tableau, so don't be afraid to take your time and experiment.

4. Make your written steps as short & crystal-clear as possible.

This step can be trickier than it sounds. Trying to explain how to do something clearly takes patience, practice and editing. Try writing down each step as you complete it yourself, then read them back over when you're finished to see if there's any way to shorten or simplify your directions. Have a friend look them over to see if they could repeat them easily. I find that steps explained in a numbered list are the easiest to follow, rather than a paragraph or text over a photo.

5. Make your headline SEO-friendly, promote and seed your post.

Now that your post is ready to go live on your blog, you want to make sure it has all it needs to reach the maximum amount of people. For your headline, think about using SEO-friendly keywords like “How To,” “DIY,” and any seasonally appropriate words like Halloween, holidays, etc. Promote your post on Instagram using an image of your finished product, and do the same of Facebook and include a direct link to the post. Use the #DIY hashtag, mention any brands or companies that you used or were inspired by in your promotions as well. Oh, and don't forget to Pin! Pinterest loves DIY projects.

There are plenty of bigger publications and networks that are always looking for fresh, creative content – especially original DIY projects. Don't be shy about shopping your post around to local publications, digital magazines or fellow bloggers!

[Image credits: I Spy DIY; Stripes & Sequins; A Pair & A Spare; A Beautiful Mess; Honestly… WTF]

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  1. Elena

    Beautiful tips! I love DIY projects and always create something unique and unusual. I want to share these projects with my readers so bad, the only problem is I think that I will not be able to explain step by step clearly to them. But it’s time of amazing holidays projects and I have so many interesting ideas and you article helped me to realize that it’s time to share!! Thanks a lot!

  2. Charley

    Sorry, my first comment wasn’t showing so I wound up repeating myself by mistake – feel free to ignore my last one!

  3. Charley

    @Taylor Brilliant and much appreciated advice! Are there any big networks and publications in particular looking for DIY projects? I’m from England where DIY fashion appears to be unheard of but I’ve been published online a couple of times before – including in your lovely Links a la Mode – so I’m thinking to start as I mean to go on! Also safe to say I missed a trick from not joining Pinterest – what a numpty!

    You might even recognise a DIY Miu Miu watersnake handbag tutorial if you go through the archives 😉

  4. Charley

    What are the names of these publications that especially like DIY projects? I’m from rural England where DIY fashion appears to be unheard of! Also, shame on me for not being on Pinterest – seems I’m missing a trick there!