The Evolution Of Your Blog: Developing Your Blog As Your Style Matures

Growing up ain't easy, we all go through our awkward stage(s). But just as we grow, mature, and change as humans, it's natural our blogs tend to follow suit.

I'm not referring to the change in technological devices and social media, but more in how you present yourself and construct content. With personal style blogging, it may be the types of outfits you choose, or perhaps you had a baby and now focus more on “mommy” blogging. Or maybe, simply, you've found your voice after some trial and error. Whatever the trajectory, it's logical that your blog would evolve as you evolve.

Isn't it the growing pains that make us stronger?

In the past we've talked about bloggers who are moms, and 30 bloggers over the age of 30 — but in a more general sense, I'm curious to know how your blog has changed over time, and what sparked those changes.

What has your personal evolution been? Did you ever have a blogging ‘awkward' stage? How do you feel you've grown since you started your blog? Has the voice changed at all?

Do you ever shudder at things you once wore or wrote about? Or do you embrace it?

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15 Responses

  1. TheAsiaMonique

    I would say that you embrace it. You have an idea of where it is you’ve come from, as it has laid the ground work for where you consider yourself being today.
    Everyone has to start somewhere.

  2. Lisa

    Just embrace it. Growth and improvement happen over time, especially if you’ve been blogging a long time (5 years in my case). I definitely cringe when I think of some of the stuff in my archive (low-quality photos, opinions I don’t agree with now), and every once in a while I contemplate deleting old posts and archives (then scrap the idea because of how it would affect my SEO). But behind every blog is a person, and people have a tendency to evolve and change their minds. I think it’d be boring if a blog and its blogger remained static over time.

  3. Kathleen Lisson

    In the beginning, I took photos in my front yard and in front of backgrounds that had nothing to do with the purpose of my outfit. I also had some hat + clothing styles that I probably won’t wear again next year. As my blog grew and I did some hard thinking about what I wanted my niche to be, my posts became more focused – no fedoras, only dress hats for polo, racing and evening. Letting go of the need to try all the trends because “I’m a fashion blogger” released a lot of stress in my life.

  4. Jo

    I’m actually going through this particular type of evolution with my blog myself. When I started my blog it was a very private and personal thing–my baby. I also had ample amounts of time to spend on it. After taking abit of a hiatus and growing up a bit (i’ve recently entered the career field) and coming back to my blog, I’ve realized that I’ve matured and no longer like the colours or layout of my blog, or the inconsistency of photo styling. I noticed that I’ve been lazy, and hard work equates to something looking awesome. My blog is now going through a huge evolution, not only in design, but also with my photos which I’ve decided to all be taken in the same format by the same photographer (my lovely boyfriend). Let your blog evolve, it’s only natural! Change is good <3.

  5. Ruta R

    I think it’s funny. I look back and remember certain days or what prompted me to write certain things. It’s just a nice memory. I’ve definitely changed a lot with my blog. My style hasn’t changed too much, but I’m definitely exploring styles I never thought to really try before, which adds a lot to my blog.

  6. Yasmeen (Castle Fashion)

    I look back on some posts and realize I was writing in a style that wasn’t my own at all. I had an impression of what blogs ought to be like so I used that as a base for my writing style and photography. Over time I realized that my blog is my own and I should do it for myself or not at all. It’s been nice blogging since then. 🙂 Of course I have to hang on to those posts for lulz.

  7. Mercedes

    I personally love to look at past posts by bloggers for I love seeing how they grew in terms of success and fashion. I find it inspiring for as a new blogger I can thing that one day I would become a more successful like “x” blogger.

  8. ATINA

    You must always embrace what you once wore or wrote about after all, at that point in time it was probably a good idea and it showed the state of mind you were at that given moment. Times change and so does ones personal style!

  9. moiminnie

    I embrace it all the way! I think the change is really needed and healthy after a while. In the beginning we often aren’t really sure of what we’re even doing, but over time, as we mature in style and writing, get more skilled and our views and opinions change – so why shouldn’t our blogs embody all of those things? I don’t necessarily cringe at my old posts, I’m rather glad I see how much I’ve grown and became better at what I do.

  10. Kristin Noel

    I embrace it all, but i have only been blogging for a few months. I only have redesigned once because I realized the direction I finally wanted to go in!